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From € 20

Weekend getaway Antwerp

Citytrip to Antwerp with Thalys or Intercity Brussels

  • From € 20* one-way trip with Intercity Brussels
  • Within 1.15 in the heart of Antwerp
  • Travel quickly and in comfort
  • Directly from Amsterdam, Schiphol and Rotterdam
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Quickly to the heart of Antwerp

Would you rather not travel very far for a great weekend getaway? Then Antwerp is for you. In the largest city in Flanders there is a broad range of things to do: from culture to shopping and good food. Antwerp has it all without having to travel very far. You will not be bored for a single moment in Antwerp.

The Antwerp Zoo

As soon as you walk out of the station you'll be at the gates of Antwerp Zoo. When you walk inside, it will feel like you are entering a new world. In this beautiful garden you can observe all the extraordinary animals up close as well as play, learn and take a stroll. If you are going to Antwerp with your family, then Antwerp Zoo should definitely not be skipped.
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Boat trip in Antwerp

Antwerp Harbour is located next to the Schelde. You can't really go to Antwerp without taking a boat trip on the river, it will give you a completely different perspective of this young, dynamic city. You can also visit places in the vicinity per boat and so discover the real Antwerp.

‘Diamonds are a girl's best friend’

Antwerp is the diamond city of Europe and perhaps even the world. Since the 15th century, Antwerp plays an important role in the diamond industry. If you want to get to know this side of the city you can visit the diamond museum or take a walk through the diamond district.

A Night Out

Antwerp has a great nightlife, whether you want to sit in a pub or a trendy cocktail bar, or whether you want to dance in a club till the sun comes up or just enjoy a relaxed dinner. Make sure that you do visit one of the many beer cafes and taste a real Belgian beer during your citytrip.


Rubens was and is the most famous artist of Antwerp. Unlike many artists, he was already very popular when alive. The rich and famous of Belgium let themselves be painted by him. If you like Baroque art then Antwerp is the place to be as many of the masters can be found here. During a weekend getaway in Antwerp you can, for example, visit the Rubens House to admire Rubens art up close.

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Weekend getaway Antwerp

From € 20