A romantic weekend getaway

Do you feel butterflies in your stomach or have you been happy with your true love for years? Get on the train and let yourself be carried away to romantic cities such as Paris, Brussels or London. Rest assured that later on you will not only cherish beautiful memories of the city, but also of that wonderful train journey!
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The perfect beginning

The train is an ideal means of transport for any couple who are only interested in each other. Sit back comfortably while the train races through the countryside and quickly gets you to your destination. You can bring your suitcases and bags without a problem. Have a chat, with a drink toast to the next few days and stretch your legs if you like. So, your romantic getaway begins on the train! Just don't forget to get off again in the heart of the city?

A list of 3 romantic top destinations for you:

    Paris, the city of love

    Of course, the French capital is a magnificent place to celebrate love. Such a romantic destination requires a romantic journey. Eurostar has understood this only too well! From Amsterdam, you'll be in Paris in 3.18 hours. Stroll together for a weekend through charming alleyways, climb the Eiffel Tower or have a portrait made in the Montmartre artists' quarter.

    • In just over 3 hours in the heart of Paris
    • Luxury tip: In Premium class you can enjoy a tasty meal served at your seat together
    • Check prices to Paris

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    Bustling Brussels

    Looking for a destination not too far away but that has everything for a great romantic weekend? Choose Brussels! A sparkling city with friendly people and delicious food. With Eurostar, you can get there from Amsterdam within 2 hours. This gives you extra time for the two of you to look around Brussels. And that comes in handy, because the Belgian capital has a lot more to offer than just Manneken Pis or the Atomium!

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    Londen is the place to be!

    London is another great romantic destination. Discovering this city takes time, because London is almost bursting at the seams. And you also want to walk hand-in-hand along the Thames and dine in an intimate restaurant. Thankfully there is Eurostar. Starting in Amsterdam, you'll be in the British capital in 4.13 hours. You can make good use of this travel time by using this service: a bottle of chilled champagne on departure. Your romantic weekend couldn't start any more spectacular!

    • No hassle with travelling to and from airports
    • By train through the Channel Tunnel
    • Tip: begin your weekend with a delicious bottle of champagne (brought yourself) in the train
    • Check prices London
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    Travel by train

    Fast and practical. That’s the train if you wish to undo it of all of its romance. But why do that? If you want to enjoy a weekend away to the fullest, the train is the perfect start as well as the ideal ending. Book now and surprise your love!

    Tips for cheap train tickets

    Do you want to and can you book far in advance? Then choose the ticket with the lowest fare. The best rate for the price-conscious travellers.

    General tips for getting the cheapest tickets

    • Book as early as possibly to have the most chance of getting the cheapest tickets.
    • Travelling in the evening is often cheaper.
    • For a weekend getaway, travel Sat-Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat-Sun.
    • Book online to avoid booking fee.

    Tips to get the best rates