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Overview of disruptions and planned maintenance work on the national railway. Planning to travel with a domestic train as well? Please check if there are disruptions on the national railway.

Please note

Thalys trains to Antwerp, Brussels and Paris are now called Eurostar.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I make sure I stay informed of any changes in my train journey?
You can load your tickets into the NS International App and set it to send you notifications for your trip. You can also log into MijnNSI and see any changes there.
How do I change or cancel my journey?
You can cancel or change most trips online, depending on your fare conditions. You can view the terms and conditions in My NSI.
Will I get my money back if I am delayed?

This varies between train operators, but generally the following conditions apply:

- You are in possession of a valid ticket for the delayed train
- Your delay was more than 60 minutes
- The delay was not known when you bought the ticket
- Your journey was less than 3 months ago

For more information, please check request money back.

How can I plan an alternate route?
For a different route, use our itinerary planner. The planner provides an up-to-date overview of all travel times for the (international) trains.