Bringing pets on board the train


In many cases, you may bring your pet with you on the train. However, different rules apply per train company. Below you can read more about traveling with your pet.

Intercity Brussels

Small pets transported in a cage, bag or basket (maximum dimension 30x30x55 cm) may travel for free in the Netherlands. Obviously, this does also apply to guide dogs as these may travel for free and are not obligated to wear a muzzle. A guide rate ticket is needed for a guide dog.

Day card dog

Is your dog too big then it should always be kept on a leash, wear a muzzle and have a valid ticket. You can also purchase a ticket for a dog at one of the self-service ticket machines. A ticket between the Netherlands and Belgium costs € 6, one way. In Belgium is a ticket € 3.

Thalys to Belgium/France

Small dogs or other pets may travel for free when:

  • they are carried in a basket or bag no larger than 55x30x30 cm
  • weigh less than 6 kg.

These need to be such that the animal does not disturb other passengers. Guide dogs may also travel for free.

Large pets

Other dogs are only permitted in the carriage if they are kept on your lap or on a leash and wearing a muzzle and form no disturbance to the other passengers. If a passenger complains about the presence of a dog or other pet, the Train Manager may ask the pet owner to move to another part of the train. Tickets for dogs can be purchased from the Train Manager on board, for € 30, one-way trip.

Note: Pets are not permitted on Thalys Sun and Snow services, with the exception of guide dogs. Papers indicating that your dog is indeed a guide dog must be taken along so that they can be shown if requested.


Smaller pets (cats, rabbits, hamsters etc, that do not smell or make too much noise to be of hindrance to other passengers) must be transported in a box or basket no larger than 55x30x30 cm. A ticket with the fixed fee of € 6.90 must be purchased by the French Railways (is not sold in the Netherlands).

Large pets

Larger dogs that do not fit in a box or basket must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash. For these dogs a 50% reduced ticket is needed (rate: ‘dog’) to travel on the TGV route. Guide dogs travel for free and do not need to wear a muzzle.

Eurostar to London

Pets are not permitted. However, assistance and guide dogs are allowed.

ICE International and Intercity Berlin

Dogs are permitted on board ICE International, but are not allowed to enter the bistro carriage. Small dogs/pets that are transported in a basket or cage and guide dogs may travel for free. A guide rate ticket is needed for a guide dog.

Large pets

Larger dogs must be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle. For these dogs a dog ticket (rate: ‘dog’) and separate 50% reduced ICE International ticket is needed. In the Netherlands the ICE International ticket can only be purchased for direct ICE International services. Tickets for dogs cannot be purchased online but must be purchased at one of the staffed sales outlets: NS International Customer Service, and a NS International counter in one of the Tickets & Service offices at the larger train stations. For other routes, the ticket must be purchased on the spot.

Night train

Traveling with dogs is only permitted if you book an entire compartment and if they don't bother other passengers. Also the dogs are on a leash and wearing a muzzle when getting on and off the train. Guide dogs may travel for free. Tickets for large dogs can be purchased from the Train Manager on board.

Domestic trains

In the Netherlands, your pet can accompany you on the train, but a few conditions do apply. More information about taking your pet with you on domestic trains can be found on