Group travel request

Are you travelling with a group of 10 people or more? You can then request a quote for a group trip.

  • One invoice for the entire booking
  • You pay the same price for everyone
  • There is a designated person for enquiries
  • Payment by credit card or bank transfer

Top destinations

Curious about the costs of a group trip? Check the average price of a group trip here. In summer 2023, you cannot request a group trip to Antwerp and Brussels.

Destination Travel time Indication group rate* Starting price individual rate* Header
Paris 3.18 hrs € 73 € 35 Content
Berlin 5.52 hrs € 57 € 38 Content
London 4.13 hrs € 74 € 100 (return) Content
Marne la Vallée (Disneyland) 3.50 hrs € 79 € 35 Content
Hamburg 5.10 hrs € 46 € 33 Content
Munich 7.05 hrs € 69 € 38 Content
Frankfurt 3.55 hrs € 59 € 38 Content
Vienna 12.07 hrs € 90 € 35 Content
Cologne 2.38 hrs € 27 € 20 Content

*Single fare per person, 2nd class, from Amsterdam Central Station. Final prices may vary.

Can we help you with anything?

What is a group rate?

The following conditions apply to a group rate:

  • The trip is led by a group leader.
  • The same rate applies to everyone.
  • The minimum group size is 10 adults per departure station.
  • The group departs together from the same station.
  • Group tickets have one main ticket with a barcode that can be used to open gates at stations in the Netherlands.
What is the difference between a group rate and an individual rate?
Group rates are not necessarily cheaper than individual rates. The availability of a train connection (read: seats taken, popularity of route and travel time) determines the group rates which ultimately makes the price different from the individual rates. The prices of individual tickets shown online are starting prices. As a result, the group fare may be cheaper.
Can I travel with a group on any route?
The availability on a train connection (read: seats taken, popularity of route and travel time) determines whether it is possible to travel with the group and at what rate. Travelling during off-peak hours is often cheaper. On weekends, travelling on Sunday-Sunday-Monday is often cheaper than on Friday-Sunday-Sunday.
How do I request a quote for a group trip?
Consult the booking module to get an idea of the possibilities. Select the desired destination and add 9 travellers. Select the desired travel date and check the available price (based on individual rate) in the booking module. This will give a good indication of the total price and availability. Does this seem to match your plans and would you like to know if there is availability for your entire group at what group rate? Then use this online group travel request form.
What are the booking fees for a group tour?
The booking fee is calculated according to the size of the group. Here you can read what the booking fees are per number of travellers.

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Group travel application form

Group travel vs several individual bookings

Group travel
ok Same price for all
ok One invoice for the entire booking
ok One contact person in case of questions
ok Payment by credit card or bank transfer
ok The whole group sits together on the train

Several individual bookings
not ok Seats cannot be grouped together
ok Individual rates may be cheaper
ok Individual discount cards can be used
ok Payment directly online
ok Digital tickets made out in everyone's name
ok Tickets in app, travel information during your trip
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