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  • Below, you can request a group trip for 10 or more passengers (6 or more for travelling to or through Germany).
  • Due to corona you can temporarily book a trip for 5 persons to or through Germany in 2 online bookings.
  • In some cases, booking individually is more cost-effective. How do I know which is the cheaper option?
  • Fill in the form below and you will receive a suitable offer within 5 working days.
  • The prices in the quote are subject to availability.
  • Receive paper tickets by post, 14 days before departure.

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Travelling to Belgium

Destinations must be on the Intercity Brussels route, check the Intercity Brussels page.

Travelling with children

For Thalys, 2 passengers under the age of 15 count as 1 passenger. Read more about travelling with children and group size


Can I book a group trip within the Netherlands? What does 'subject to availability' mean? Read the most frequently asked questions.

Questions and answers

Group travel vs several individual bookings

Group travel
ok The entire group is seated together
ok Same price for all
ok One invoice for the entire booking
ok One contact person in case of questions
ok Payment by credit card or bank transfer
ok Paper tickets, not made out in everyone's name

Several individual bookings
not ok Seats cannot be grouped together
ok Individual rates may be cheaper
ok Individual discount cards can be used
ok Payment directly online
ok Digital tickets made out in everyone's name
ok Tickets in app, travel information during your trip

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