NS International ExplaiNS: Questions and answers

Why can't you book train tickets a year in advance? Why do trains slip in autumn? What do 'engineering works' mean? We explain some of the questions in an article. Do you have a question too? Let us know. Enter your question at the bottom of this page.
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Measures ICE International summer 2023

This year, in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, we are taking measures to improve the ICE schedule.

Plenty of work to do

Engineering works in Germany... what exactly is happening? And how will it affect my trip? Can I still book?

Why can't I book earlier?

If I book my holiday accommodation a year in advance, I can't buy the train tickets yet. Why is that?

Broken arms, missing sandwiches

Why do trains and switches sometimes suffer from snow and ice?

Delay? Autumn? Leaves!

What about delays due to falling leaves? Nico explains how that works for Thalys.

Do you also have a question?

Have you been walking around for ages with a burning question you would like an answer to? Then write it down in the field below. We will take a closer look at the most frequently asked questions. Please note: do not enter any personal information, only your question!


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