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Complaints and compensation applications can be submitted to the NS International Customer Service by sending an email.
Submit complaint

Processing complaints

Complaints and compensation applications related to NS International issued tickets will be processed, provided that NS International received the complaint within 3 calendar months after the matter to which they relate took place.

NS International will provide an answer to written complaints within four weeks or they will indicate a reasonable time they will require to give a response.
If you disagree with the way in which NS International has handled your complaint and this complaint relates to the realisation or implementation of the agreed upon NS International transport contract, you may submit the complaint in writing or digitally to the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards (De Geschillencommissie).

If you are not satisfied with the way in which your complaint was handled, you can also submit it via the European ODR platform. For more information about complaints and compensation requests, please refer to the NS International Terms and Conditions Algemene Voorwaarden van NS International.

NS International Customer Service

NS Internationaal Customer Service B.V.
Tav. Afd. Back Office
Postbus 2552
3500 GN Utrecht


In every EU country, the Ministry appoints a supervisor. This body supervises the correct compliance with the European Regulations on Passenger Rights. In the Netherlands, supervision is the responsibility of ILENT (The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate). Customers can contact ILENT, tel: 088-4890000 or via the website: