Intercity Brussels

  • 16 times a day to various destinations in Belgium
  • Amsterdam – Antwerp in 1.48 hours
  • Buy your ticket at least 7 days before departure for the lowest price
  • You may travel on any Intercity Brussels train on the chosen day of departure
  • You can book your ticket for your bike online
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Schedule Intercity Brussels

Intercity Brussels operates on the highspeed connection via Breda to Antwerp and Brussels. The connection via Breda ensures that Belgium can also be easily reached by train from the south of the Netherlands.

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Connection Intercity Brussels

From various stations in the Netherlands you can find a connection to Intercity Brussels. If you are travelling from Utrecht you will only need to go to Rotterdam to catch the international Intercity to Belgium. Travelling from Brabant you can easily change trains in Breda to Belgian destinations.
For a complete travel itinerary, consult our itinerary planner

Prices Intercity Brussels

The moment of travel of booking and the departure and arrival station determine the price. Your ticket will give you access to every train on the chosen day of departure. You cannot reserve a seat on the Intercity Brussels.
There are two types of rates.

Early Bird: the lowest rate

    • Can be booked up to 7 days before departure
    • Guaranteed availability
    • The level of the Early Bird rate depends on the departure and arrival station
    • On Monday to Thursday the rate is cheaper than on Friday to Sunday
    • Your ticket can be changed up to the day before departure for a € 5 fee.
    • Can be booked online, at an NS International counter in the Service shop, by phone at the NS International Service Center or the travel agency
    • Can be combined with the 100% discount cards of NMBS and NS

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    Early Bird Week (Mo-Thu) Early Bird Weekend (Fri-Sun) 100% korting* combined with Early Bird week 100% discount* combined with Early Bird weekend
    Amsterdam - Antwerp € 21 € 26 € 5,50 € 7
    Rotterdam - Antwerp € 14 € 17 € 5,50 € 7
    Breda - Antwerp € 9,50 € 11 € 5,50 € 7

    Early Bird Week (Mo-Thu) Early Bird Weekend (Fri-Sun) 100% korting* combined with Early Bird week 100% korting* combined with Early Bird weekend
    Amsterdam - Brussels € 25 € 36,50 € 10,50 € 16
    Rotterdam - Brussels € 18 € 27 € 10,50 € 16
    Breda - Brussels € 14 € 20 € 10,50 € 16

    Flex rate

    Flex rate 40% discount subscription 100% discount subscription*
    Amsterdam - Antwerp € 41,40 € 29,50 € 11,60
    Rotterdam - Antwerp € 27,20 € 21 € 11,60
    Breda - Antwerp € 16,60 € 14,60 € 11,60

    * 40% & 100% discount only applies for the Dutch part of your trip.

    Flex rate 40% discount subscription* 100% discount subscription*
    Amsterdam - Brussels € 52,90 € 41 € 23,10
    Rotterdam - Brussels € 38,70 € 29,70 € 23,10
    Breda - Brussels € 26,10 € 23,60 € 23,10

    * 40% & 100% discount only applies for the Dutch part of your trip.

    Children to 11 years travel for free

    Children from 4 to 11 years old travel for free with an adult (max. 4 children per adult) if you book a ticket online.

    Your ticket is also valid for Intercity direct

    Passengers with an Intercity Brussels ticket can also travel with Intercity direct on the Amsterdam-Rotterdam route. You do not need a supplement; your international ticket for Intercity Brussels is sufficient.

    Travel to Brussels Airport - Zaventem

    A new railway track was built in Belgium in 2012. This track provides a better connection between Brussels Airport - Zaventem and Antwerp and Liège. In order for this project to be feasible, passengers travelling to Brussels Airport - Zaventem pay a surcharge.

    This surcharge is included in your ticket.

    Travelling via Maastricht or Roosendaal

    When you are travelling to Belgium with the regional trains via Maastricht or Roosendaal other fares apply. More information about regional trains

    Intercity Brussels classes

    Intercity Brussels has 2 travel classes: 1st class and 2nd class. In 1st class, you will benefit from additional advantages, such as greater comfort and extra legroom.

    1st class

    • More legroom
    • Wider seats
    • Access to the NS International Lounges at Amsterdam Central Station, Schiphol and Rotterdam Central Station
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    Subscriptions Intercity Brussels

    Do you often travel to Belgium? Then you can use NS Flex Traject Vrij. This allows you to travel unlimited on a fixed route from a Dutch station. The subscription is valid up to border point Hazeldonk.

    • NS Flex Traject Vrij is connected to your OV-chipkaart
    • You open the gates with your OV-chipkaart, but you do not check-in. Check-out is not necessary, because you cannot check-out in Belgium
    • Upon inspection, you must show both your Traject Vrij and your foreign subscription

    More information NS Flex Traject Vrij

    For more information about the subscription to Hazeldonk or Roosendaal and purchase, please visit or contact our Customer Service via 0900-8301 (0.10 per minute, Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00). If you are calling from abroad, you can reach us at 0031-30-7515134.

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    Subsequent subscription

    For the Belgian part of your route, there are several NMBS subscriptions that can be used together with the NS Border Subscription. The Standard Season Ticket is valid for a fixed route and the Unlimited Season ticket (Nettrain Card) is valid for the entire Belgian network. Find more information about subscriptions in Belgium on

    NS subscription - for occasional travelling

    Do you travel to Belgium only occasionally and do you have an NS subscription? Then we advise you to purchase an international ticket online for your entire train journey. That is: from your departure station in the Netherlands to your final destination in Belgium. Indicate which discount (40% or 100% discount) you are entitled to during your journey. More information about the discounts and times of your NS subscription


    An NS subscription or OV Student travel product usually offers discount on the domestic part of your international trip. The discount is applied to the price when you indicate which NS subscription you have while booking your international ticket. Booking online is the quickest and easiest way to get your discount.

    More information NS Subscription

    Your NS Subscription together with your international ticket your valid proof of travel. Upon inspection, you must show them both. When making an international trip, you do not check in and out with your NS subscription, but just open the gates with the international ticket. More information about subscriptions in the Netherlands

    Discount percentages international travel

    Depending on the NS Subscription and the time of travel could get 40% or 100% discount on the Dutch part of your trip. For the Belgian part, you can buy your ticket at a discount if you have a 50% reduction card (for example, Kaart Grote Gezinnen en Kaart Verhoogde Tegemoetkoming).

    International travel with OV-chipkaart

    Find more information about international travel with other NS subscriptions

    On board Intercity Brussels

    Electronical outlets

    There are electrical outlets in 1st class, usually in the ceiling above the seats.


    You are advised to only take luggage that you can easily carry on board and that can be placed in the storage spaces provided. Small-sized luggage can be placed in the luggage racks above the seats and there are special spaces between the seats for the larger luggage items.

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    Bringing bicycles on board

    To take your bicycle, you need an international bicycle ticket for the price of € 12 per single journey. Here you find the conditions for taking your bicycle on the Intercity Brussels:

    • The following types of bicycles are allowed: (recumbent) bike, tandem, bicycle trailer, tricycle, cargo bike and an electrical bike (the battery needs to stay on the bike).
    • For Intercity Brussels a reservation (€ 4 per single journey) is required to bring a bicycle in July and August. Please book your bike online, contact the NS International Service Center by telephone on 030-2300023 or visit the NS International desk at the Tickets & Service Shop at the larger stations.
    • A folding bike can be taken free of charge when it is folded together
    • A segway can only be taken if it serves as an aid tool for persons with reduced mobility. In that case, the traveler needs to have a disabled pass or a disabled sticker on the segway.
    • It is your own responsibility to load and unload the bicycle.
    • It is not permitted to leave luggage strapped onto the bicycle during the trip.
    • There is a maximum of 1 bicycle per person.
    • For groups, it is not allowed to take bicycles.
    • Bicycles need to be placed in the dedicated area on board of the train.

    Please note: you can book your bike ticket to and from Belgium online. For certain stations and routes in Belgium, it is not possible to take a bicycle: to/from Brussels Central, Brussels Congres and Brussel Kapellekerk.

    Passengers with impaired mobility

    • The wheelchair places on Intercity Brussels services are almost always located in the centre of the train.
    • People (also guide dogs) escorting passengers with an OV Guide Pass can travel with Intercity Brussels services within the Netherlands for free. In Belgium and Luxembourg, they are also allowed to travel for free without a ticket.
    • To be able to get onto the train – and also the elevators and movable ramps – the wheelchair may be no larger than 150 x 85 cm (outer measurements)
    • You and your wheelchair may not have a combined weight of 250 kilo.
    • If needed, you can request assistance to get on and off the train by calling 030-235 78 22 (day and night).


    There is no catering present on board Intercity Brussels.

    Bringing pets on board

    Small pets transported in a cage, bag or basket (maximum dimension 30x30x55 cm) may travel for free in the Netherlands. Obviously, this does also apply to guide dogs as these may travel for free and are not obligated to wear a muzzle. A guide rate ticket is needed for a guide dog.

    Day card dog

    Is your dog too big then it should always be kept on a leash, wear a muzzle and have a valid ticket. You can also purchase a ticket for a dog at one of the self-service ticket machines. A ticket between the Netherlands and Belgium costs € 6, one way. In Belgium is a ticket € 3.


    There is no WiFi on board Intercity Brussel.

    Travelling with children

    What does it cost to travel with children? Can I bring a stroller on board? May children walk about and play? Read all the practical information about travelling with children

    Free access to the lounges

    If you have a 1st class ticket, you can get a free drink and stay comfortably at an NS International Lounge in Amsterdam, Schiphol and Rotterdam.

    Need help?