About NS International

When the train travels across the border, you will be joining NS International. We make sure you can travel to thousands of European destinations from all Dutch train stations. Through NS International, train tickets for the high-speed trains Eurostar to Belgium/France, ICE International, Nightjet, Eurostar to London, TGV and the Intercity Brussels and Intercity Berlin are booked online. We stand for carefree travel: fast, easy and comfortable.

Benefits travelling by train

  • Direct boarding withous fuss
  • Enjoy a spacious seating area
  • Pass traffic jams leisurely
  • Get off in the heart of the city
  • Sustainable and comfortable travel

    Discover the train

    Dennis and Mariëtte go Interrailing

    Want to discover Europe at your own pace and create beautiful memories? Mariëtte and Dennis from Roermond preceded you and share their unique journey with us.

    Koen visited 30 countries in 30 days

    Koen travelled with an Interrail Pass and visited 30 countries in 30 days.