Travel greener with NS International

Travel greener with NS International

Travelling with NS International is not only quick and comfortable, but you will choose the greenest means of transportation for medium-haul destinations. Did you know that you will produce an average of 7 times less CO2 emissions than when you travel to the same destination by plane? This is worthwhile for everyone!

Sustainable travel: now and in the future

Sustainable travel is travelling while taking the environment, people, nature and culture into account. We contribute to a better environment by improving energy efficiency, further ruducing CO2 emissions and consciously dealing with energy sources.

Less CO2 emissions

Calculations of Milieu Centraal indicate that international train travel produces an average of 2 to 4 times less CO2 emission per passenger than a car with two people. In addition, the train emits an average of 7 times less than a flight to the same destination.

CO2 comparison app during your trip

Besides checking travel time and price you can use the travel planner app to see exactly how much CO2 you save by taking the train. With the CO2 comparison you can also compare the planned train journey with the same trip with different types of cars. The CO2 comparison has been adapted, because you emit even less CO2 emissions due to the use of wind energy. The CO2 comparison was developed in collaboration with Milieu Centraal.

Do you want to know how much CO2 emissions you save with an international train journey? You can calculate it on the Ecopassenger website

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