Out and about

Out and about

Travelling by train is relaxing and comfortable. Ideal if you want to take a trip! You will arrive at your destination well rested and can immediately get going. You will not have the hassle of parking, will not need to check-in and will arrive in the heart of the city.

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Let yourself go

Go over-the-top shopping in Paris, taste the experience in Vienna, or spot street-art in Berlin: it's all possible again!

Going on holiday by train with kids

Going on holiday by train with the kids? That's great fun! Read the stories and the tips.

Weekend getaways

Want a break and discover a different city? Then a city trip is a great option. Start exploring the city immediately!

Theme parks

The train gets you to most of the major theme parks in Belgium, Germany, England and France in no-time.

Day trips

Want to go back and forth abroad for a day? Yes, that's possible! We have selected the best destinations for day trips.

European museums

Europe is a true treasure of architecture, art and culture. We give you 10 top museums to one-by-one tick off your must-see list.

Discover Europe by train

Travelling to Europe for the first time? Or are you travelling to several countries and cities on the continent for the first time? Take the train!

Discover Holland

Book the best activities including public transport and make the most of your Holland experience.

Our top destinations

From € 25
Brussels flag


So close and yet you'll get away from it all in the Belgian capital!

From € 84
Marseille seen from a mountain


Typical harbour town with many fish restaurants and relaxing atmosphere.

From € 38
Berlin city


Lively and versatile, an ancient city with a modern twist.

From € 19
Dusseldorf bridge


Fashion city with a rich history and vibrant nightlife.

From € 19
Cologne by night


City of art, architecture and theatre. Travel time from 2h38m.

From € 38
Frankfurt water bridge


Business city with plenty of character: travel time from 3h46m.

From € 20
Toren antwerp


A lively city where the true Bon Vivant will feel at home.

From € 35
Eiffeltoren Parijs


The city of love, art and fashion. You'll never get bored!

Return from € 55


Full of history, culture and shopping. London is alive day and night.