On a fishing holiday to France by train

France is the home of carp fishing. With beautiful waters, you can enjoy stunning nature while fishing. Here you will find 3 fishing waters easily accessible by train.

One of the advantages of travelling by train is that luggage restrictions are less strict compared to travelling by plane, which makes a fishing holiday by train even more attractive.

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1. Loch'Ness Carpe, Sarthe 

Located near Le Mans is Loch'Ness Carpe. In an old 15-hectare quarry, you can fish for beautiful carp in the middle of nature. The area is small, with only six fishing spots. This creates tranquillity and makes it a perfect place for anglers. The heaviest carp caught here weighed 28 kg. You can stay overnight at your fishing spot in a safari tent.

Travel from Amsterdam to Le Mans in just 5.22 hours. From Le Mans station, take the bus to Montfort-le-Gesnois - La Folie stop. From there, it is a 20-minute walk to Loch'Ness Carpe.

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2. Etang Sauvage, Bruz 

Are you looking for a small-scale fishing area, private and surrounded by nature? In that case, Etang Sauvage is perfect for you. Near Rennes, Brittany, is a 3.5-hectare fishing lake with a two-bedroom holiday home practically on the water. Due to trees and small islands, fishing at Etang Sauvage is a challenge, but one with many possibilities.

In just 6.17 hours, you travel from Amsterdam to Rennes. From there, take the bus to Mare Doux and it's another 20-minute walk. This is no punishment, as the surroundings of Etang Sauvage are beautiful.

3. Carpanium, Saint-Maurice-Montcouronne 

Just under Paris you will find Carpanium. This is a perfect destination for anglers who want to fish in complete tranquillity. At Carpanium, you will only hear the rustle of leaves and the splash of carp. With 15 hectares of water, there is plenty of room for carp. The record stands at 27.5 kg. Fishing at Carpanium is challenging due to reed-covered shores and varied depths.

Saint-Maurice-Montcouronne and Carpanium are easily accessible by train. In just 5.35 hours, you will travel from Amsterdam to Dourdan station. From Dourdan station, take the bus on which it is an 11-minute walk from the Mairie stop.

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Take your fishing rods with you on the train

Are you a fishing enthusiast who likes to travel to a fishing spot by train? You can easily take your fishing rod on the train, as long as it is well packed and does not bother other passengers. Here are some tips to prepare for your trip:

Make sure your fishing rods are well packed in a protective sleeve or tube. This will prevent damage and makes transport easier. In Eurostar and TGV, you are allowed 2 pieces of luggage and 1 piece of hand luggage. There is no maximum weight limit, but you must be able to carry all your luggage yourself.
The dimensions of luggage in Eurostar are maximum 75 x 53 x 30 cm. . It is wise to check whether your fishing rods are within the allowed luggage dimensions in advance..
Luggage allowance
European train companies have different rules for carrying sports equipment. If your fishing rods and other equipment are properly packed as described above, you are usually fine. However, always check the specific luggage restrictions of the train you are travelling with to avoid surprises.

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