Train travel across Europe

Find the most beautiful train routes and useful tips

Fancy a train trip around Europe but overwhelmed by the choices? Or are you looking for some holiday inspiration? You have come to the right place. Browse our selection of train routes across Europe, each with useful travel tips. Experience the charm of night trains or the efficiency of high-speed trains connecting European cities. Whether you prefer a short five-day trip, a city break or an extensive round trip starting in the Netherlands, we offer inspirational options.

The most beautiful train routes and destinations

Europe has an extensive network of train connections that take you to the most wonderful destinations. We discuss the most popular train routes and destinations in Europe. Explore vibrant cities such as Hamburg, Paris and Vienna, while enjoying stunning views and comfortable travel. At each stop, we reveal hotspots that will make your trip unforgettable. Discover northern, central and southern Europe from a station near you. Milieu Centraal has calculated how many kilos of CO2 you save on these train journeys.

Train trips northern Europe
Train trips central Europe
Train trips southern Europe

Benefits of train holidays

Discover Europe's beautiful cities during your train holiday across Europe. Go on an adventure in the mountains or unwind at wonderful sun destinations on the coast. Those who wish take the train for a holiday in Europe have many beautiful destinations to choose from. Take Eurostar to Belgium, France and London. Or with ICE International, Intercity Berlin or Nightjet to Germany, Switzerland and Austria and on to Central Europa. Travelling by train is not only sustainable, but has many other benefits. It is comfortable. You can sit relaxed on the train and enjoy the beautiful views along the way. Or take a nap so you arrive at your destination well-rested.

City break or weekend getaway in Europe

A train journey is also ideal for a city trip or weekend getaway. Even if you only want to go out for one or two days, the train is the ideal means of transportation. Day out in Aachen? Weekend getaway to Lille? We have an overview of ideal city breaks by train.

Day out with the train
Weekend getaway
Tips for your city trip

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Book budget-friendly train tickets and travel cheaply across Europe

Want to book cheap train tickets? We would love to help you make a good decision. Perhaps the following two questions will help:

  1. Do you like going on holidays where everything is fixed in advance and you pay less? Then book your train tickets yourself. You can book your tickets easily and quickly via our itinerary planner. All train tickets can be booked separately, so you can easily organise your own trip
  2. Do you value flexibility and spontaneity? Then choose an Interrail Pass.
    And some more tips to book low-cost, fun train journeys:
    • Book as early as possible, as you are then most likely to get the cheapest tickets.
    • Travelling in the evening is often cheaper.
    • Book from a station nearest to you.
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