Terms and conditions

Rate and transport conditions

The following conditions are applicable for transport agreements made with the supplier of the NS International product, NS International BV or Thalys Nederland NV.:

General Terms and Conditions NS International

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Terms and transport conditions

Cancel or change ticket

Did you buy a ticket online or by phone and do you want to cancel or change it? Check the conditions of your ticket in MyNSI or go to Changes and cancellations.

Transport agreements

Your journey may consist of one or more transport contracts. If you buy several tickets simultaneously in a single transaction, each ticket constitutes a separate transport contract. Any claims under passenger law will, therefore, only apply to that particular transport contract.
More information about Travel with multiple tickets

EC Regulation on Passengers’ Rights

The EC Regulation has been applicable in all EU countries.
You can read some highlights of the Regulation

Agreement on Journey Continuation (AJC)

The Agreement on Journey Continuation (abbreviated AJC) is an agreement between 16 European railroad companies that allows passengers on international trains to take the next available train with the same carrier at no additional cost if they miss their connection due to delay or cancellation of the booked train.
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Codelist Railway Enterprises

Codelist European Railway Enterprises (PDF)