My NS International

A personal account will make things even easier

With "Mijn NSI" you can personally manage everything related to your international train journeys and personal data. Quickly and easily, wherever and whenever you want.

Log into Mijn NSI with a general NS account

  • To use Mijn NSI, you must register for a general NS account. You only need to do this once and it's free of charge.
  • Have you already created an NS account via Then you can use the same login details.
  • It's important that you use the same e-mail address when making a booking.
  • For all your international travel, log on to Mijn NSI. For your national travel and products, please log on at
  • When you log in for the first time, you can view your future trips.

Request Mijn NSI account


A personal account enables you to book a trip and change data yourself more quickly in future.

On Mijn NSI you can:

  • view and manage your personal details
  • consult previously made trips
  • quickly cancel your trip
  • easily book your trip as text fields are automatically filled with previously entered data
  • view the rate conditions
  • specify international discount and loyalty cards (like Club Eurostar) when booking
  • check and uncheck permission for news, inspiration, and tips
  • easily book a certain trip again
  • indicate your discount percentage for the Dutch leg of your international train journey.

Log in Mijn NSI