NS International is a partner of Railteam

  • Access to business lounges of Railteam partners
  • Combine mutual savings programs
  • Recognizable quality standards

What is Railteam?

Railteam is a collaboration between Europe’s main high-speed train companies and ensures the European high-speed lines connect seamlessly for easy and pleasant travelling within Europe. For destinations up to six hours away, Railteam provides an attractive alternative to the car and airplane.


On international high-speed journeys, Railteam – the alliance of the leading European high-speed railways – guarantees:

  • Multilingual staff and Information Points to assist (you) at connecting stations
  • On board staff/crew to answer (your) questions about connections
  • Access to the next available Railteam connecting train in case of missed connection if for any reason your initial Railteam service is running late
  • Lounge access for top tier frequent travellers holding a valid international ticket for the day
  • Real-time information about your journey via smartphone

Who are Railteam partners?

Railteam is a collaboration between Europe’s foremost high-speed companies, currently DB (Germany), SNCF (France), Eurostar (UK, France and Belgium), NS International (the Netherlands), ÖBB (Austria), SBB (Switzerland) and NMBS (Belgium), but also two of their high-speed daughter companies, Eurostar and Lyria. It is possible that even more railway companies may join us in the future.

The objectives of Railteam

The most important objective of the Railteam collaboration is to offer a seamless transport chain for international travel by high-speed train that has clear and recognisable quality standards. This objective translates into the following priorities:

  • Development of a joint network that connects the European metropoles* to one another by high-speed trains and therefore offers a competitive alternative to both cars and planes for destinations requiring no more than 6 hours of travel time.
  • Offer customers the possibility to consult real-time travel schedules and price information, also with regard to connections involving more than one train operator. In order to realise this, the current Railteam partners will integrate their ticket purchasing systems even further.
  • Coordinate customer services
  • Develop regulations that provide a guarantee for travellers' rights when they undertake international train journeys.

* In addition to large metropoles, such as Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Berlin, the network includes cities such as Marseille, Geneva, Zurich, Vienna, Cologne and Hamburg.

Your benefit

The Railteam partners already jointly exploit different high-speed trains, such as the ICE, TGV, Eurostar, Eurostar and TGV Lyria. To provide a complete range of travel offers from door to door, which is characterised by the key words service, punctuality and reliability. But Railteam offers you more:

  • If you participate in the premium customer programme of one of the Railteam partners, then a number of the existing benefits are available across the entire network. For example, all first class passengers have access to all 36 business lounges belonging to Railteam partners.
  • In addition, you profit from specific benefits offered by the other Railteam partners, such as a reduction on car rental in all large European cities.
  • In the future, even more benefits will become available, such as the possibility to combine the existing savings programmes of the different Railteam partners.

Dutch Railteam partner: NS International

Together with the other Railteam partners, it is the aim of NS International to provide a rapid, comfortable and reliable mode of transport to business travellers, leisure travellers and commuters.

A growing European network

It is our ambition that the European high-speed network will double in size within ten years, heralding a new way of travel in Europe. Comfortable travel by train from Paris to Berlin, from London to Vienna and from Lyon to Amsterdam … the whole of Europe is within reach.

More information

Railteam does more than simply bring you to your destination. Railteam would like you to enjoy your entire European journey. For more information or tips on a proper preparation for your train journey, we would like to refer you to the Railteam website.