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Interrail Pass

Disover Europe

  • Travel around 33 European countries
  • 25% discount for travellers up to and including 27 years old
  • Ideal for families: 2 children to 11 years can travel along for free
  • Senior citizens 60 years and older get 10% discount
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10% discount!

Until January 3 2022, you will get a 10% discount on the Interail Passes. Buy now, and travel up to 11 months later. There's no need to choose a start date until you travel.

Interrail Pass: the rail adventure awaits

Want to travel a few days, two weeks or even a month through Europe? Want to meet other travellers? Want to discover Europe at your own pace and collect lifelong memories along the way? With the Interrail Pass, Europe will be at your feet!

Mobile Pass

The mobile Pass is a paperless ticket that can be added instantly to your phone. No need to wait for delivery – you can load your mobile Pass into the app as soon as you get your order confirmation email. You don’t need to worry about losing or damaging your mobile Pass. It's always on your phone.

It is also handy that you can buy the Pass now and travel within a maximum of 11 months. You choose the start date when you travel. Read more about the Mobile Pass

Order Interrail Pass

The nsinternational.interrail website is the official selling point for Interrail tickets. On this website you can order passes, find price information, travel inspiration and lots more information. All residents of Europe can purchase an Interrail Pass. If you live outside of Europe, then you can purchase a Eurail pass at
Visit nsinternational.interrail

Finding the right pass

There are different Interrail passes available. Would you like to travel in one country or visit several places during your trip? There is so much to choose, that it might be useful to have some help choosing.

Get help choosing a pass

Do you know which pass you want?
Directly to One Country Pass – Travel within one country
Directly to Global Pass – Travel around in several countries

Check the itinerary planner

Are you planning a trip?
Check our itinerary planner

Seat reservations

For some trains seat reservation is mandatory. For others it is not, but making reservation could be convenient, especially during the busy summer period. You can make reservations at an NS International counter or by telephone +31 30-2300023 (max. 2 reservations). This is also possible on the nsinternational.interrail website.
More information about trains and making reservations

How much does an Interrail Pass cost?

The prices of the passes differ depending on the kind of pass and travel frequency. Visit the Interrail website for more information about the different passes and their prices.
More information about the different passes and the prices

Extra discounts and offers for Interrail travelers

With an Interrail Pass you can take advantage of hundreds of discounts and extras all over Europe. You can get everything from discounted ferry fares to free public transport, and from hostel deals to discounts on city cards.

Map and App

It’s very fun and useful to have a map of Europe on your Interrail adventure. And download the Rail Planner App by Interrail! Download the Interrail map

More information about the Interrail Rail Planner App
Download Interrail map

Frequently asked questions

What is an Interrail Pass?

An Interrail Pass is a single travel document that lets you travel by train in one or more European countries. With an Interrail Pass, you can explore up to 33 countries without having to buy separate point-to-point tickets.

How far in advance can I order the Interrail Pass?

The earliest you can order an Interrail Pass is 11 months before the start of your trip. When you order your Interrail Pass, you'll have to enter the date of when you want to start travelling with your pass. This date is printed on your Interrail Pass as the start date. You can order your pass 11 months prior to this date.

Can I travel with an Interrail pass in my own country?

If you have an Interrail Global Pass, it's valid for a free trip for outbound travel and for return travel. You may not use an Interrail One Country Pass to travel in your own country. The Interrail Benelux Pass is valid in 3 countries. So, if you're a Dutch resident, you can use this pass to travel in Belgium and Luxembourg.
Find this and many more questions on the FAQ page

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