• All of France within your reach
  • Enjoy seeing the French country side pass you by while you travel
  • No luggage check-in
  • No extra costs for luggage
  • Can be booked 3 months in advance

  • Schedule

    TGV schedule

    With TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse, the French high-speed train) you can travel quickly to your favourite destinations in France. Sit back in your comfortable chair while you travel at 320 kilometres an hour! Another plus: you do not need to check-in your luggage or be at the station hours in advance.
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    The TGV routes

    The five most important TGV railway lines will rapidly bring you to all corners of France:

    Changing trains Brussels or Paris

    For cities in the southeast of France, like Marseille and Montpellier, you can travel to Brussels Zuid/Midi with Thalys or with Intercity Brussels. In Brussels you can catch a connecting TGV train so that you don’t have to pass through, but around, Paris. To travel with TGV to other destinations in France, like Bordeaux, Toulouse and Straatsburg, you’ll first need to travel to Paris Nord with Thalys.

    Read more about changing trains in Paris Nord and Brussel-Zuid/Midi

    Rates TGV

    TGV has different pricing levels. Prices depend on the time of booking (early booking is cheaper!) and the flexibility of the ticket relating to changing and cancelling. TGV can be booked three months in advance. SNCF sometimes extends this for 4-5 months, you can see this in the booking module.

  • Tickets

    Tickets TGV

    You can book tickets online to almost all TGV destinations. Booking online is simple, making it very easy to discover la douce France in a pleasant way! If you book online, you won't have to pay a booking fee. Could you use some help? Then book your ticket by calling the Service Center (030-2300023).

    Seat reservations

    You TGV ticket always includes a seat reservation. So you book a ticket for a specific train. The carriage and seat number is indicated on your ticket. The carriage numbers are printed on the side of TGV trains. That way you'll know the best place to board the train.

    The price depends on

    Book in advance and save money!

    • Book as early as possibly to have the most chance of getting the cheapest tickets
    • Travelling in the evening is often cheaper
    • For a weekend getaway, travel Sat-Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat-Sun
    • Book online to avoid booking fee

  • Classes

    TGV classes

    TGV have 2 classes: Comfort 1 (1st class) and Comfort 2 (2nd class). In Comfort 1 you will benefit from additional advantages such as ample seating and complimentary lounge access.

    2nd class

    • Comfortable seating (92 cm legroom)
    • Communication and family areas
    • Extra luggage area
    • Bar carriage where you can order snacks, meals and hot and cold drinks

    1st class

    • Maximum comfort
    • Spacious and adjustable seats (as much as 95 cm legroom!)
    • Outlets for your electrical equiment
    • Bar carriage where you can order snacks, meals and hot and cold drinks
    • More flexibility when cancelling or changing tickets
    • Access to the NS International Lounges at Amsterdam Centraal, Schiphol and Rotterdam Centraal

  • On board

    On board TGV

    From within the light, cheerful compartments, designed by French designer Christain Lacroix, you will see the French country side fly past while you enjoy the optimal comfort of the spacious seats with headrest, folding table, footrest, adjustable backrest and personal nightlight!

    Download floor plan TGV

    Family areas

    Travelling with TGV is comfortable and practical for families. Tip! Book a place in the area especially reserved for families: your children have access to a table which they can use to play and you can easily heat up a meal for them or change a diaper. In this case, you can not book tickets online but you can book tickets by calling our Service Centre (030-2300023).

    Food and drink

    Do you want something to eat or drink? TGV offers a wide variety of meals that are available in the Bar TGV, the kiosk or one of the vending machines. At the same time, you can discover our selection of DVDs, magazines, games and cards!


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