TGV to Lille and Nantes

  • Travel fast and in comfort to France with Eurostar and TGV
  • Enjoy the beautiful French countryside
  • Arrive in the centre of the city
  • Over 20 destinations in Normandy and Brittany
  • Book up to 3 months before departure
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With TGV to the West of France

A trip to the West of France comes highly recommended. Culture lovers can also visit Lille. Besides museums and richly decorated façades, you can indulge French culinary delights in numerous restaurants and cafes in the old town centre. But Le Mans, Rennes, Brest, or the cultural centre are Nantes are also well worth a visit!

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Changing trains in Paris

AIf you are travelling to France with TGV you will have to change trains in Paris. With Eurostar you will travel from Amsterdam Central Station, Schiphol and Rotterdam Central Station on the high-speed track to Paris Gare du Nord. There you take the metro. Metro tickets are available at the bar carriage on Eurostar or from the vending machines at the stations. Your layover in Paris is about an hour; the booking module takes this into account.

From Gare du Nord, change to metro line 4 towards Mairie de Montrouge, to Gare Montparnasse, from where TGVs leave for many destinations in South West France. More information on the transfer can also be found on the page about transit stations.

Rates TGV

TGV has different pricing levels. Prices depend on the time of booking (early booking is cheaper!) and the flexibility of the ticket relating to rebook and cancel. TGV can be booked three months in advance. SNCF sometimes extends this for 4-5 months, you can see this in the booking module.