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On vacation to Switzerland? Treat yourself the comfort of the train and travel to many destinations in Switzerland. For example, discover the highlights of the country such as Zurich, Basel or Bern. Visit authentic mountain villages, bustling towns, impressive glaciers and refreshing lakes.

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Can you get to Switzerland by train?
Yes, there are several trains from the Netherlands to Switzerland. You can travel via France or through Germany. There are two direct trains daily: ICE International to Basel and the night train to Basel and Zurich.
What does a train ticket to Switzerland cost?
The price of a ticket to Switzerland depends on the destination, train, as well as the time of booking. For almost all tickets, the earlier you book, the lower the price. You can buy a ticket to Basel by day train from € 38. To Zurich by night train, prices start from € 35, one way.
What does a train ticket for the night train to Switzerland cost?
The price of a ticket for the night train depends on when you book, flexibility (can you still cancel) and accommodation. You can choose a seat from € 35, one way. You will pay extra for a berth or sleeping place. You can book a berth from € 50, a sleeper from € 80 one way.
How long is the train journey to Switzerland?
From Amsterdam, travel time to Basel is 6.39 hours. To Zurich, the journey by train is 8.09 hours. Travel time is longer if you travel by night train.

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