ICE International

ICE International

  • WiFi in 1st and 2nd class
  • Travel quickly and comfortably
  • Electrical outlet at your seat
  • Possibility of reserving a seat before departure

  • Schedule

    ICE International schedule

    ICE International is the high-speed train that travels daily from the Netherlands to Germany and Switzerland. Travelling with ICE International is comfortable and relaxing. ICE International offers something exciting in travel: between Cologne and Frankfurt is travels as fast as 300 km/h!


    Every day, ICE International connects the Randstad with Oberhausen, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt and Basel. The travel time Amsterdam-Cologne is 2.5 hours, Frankfurt Hbf is less than four hours. Every day, ICE International also travels directly to Basel, with connections to all major Swiss destinations.

    The up-to-date schedule can be found in the itinerary planner

    Departure stations

    ICE International departs from three stations:
    • Amsterdam Centraal
    • Utrecht Centraal
    • Arnhem Centraal

    Arrival stations

    ICE International will be bring you directly to twelve stations in Germany and one in Switzerland:
    • Oberhausen
    • Duisburg
    • Düsseldorf
    • Keulen
    • Siegburg / Bonn
    • Frankfurt Flughafen
    • Frankfurt
    • Mannheim (1x p.d.)
    • Karlsruhe (1x p.d.)
    • Offenburg (1x p.d.)
    • Freiburg (Breisgau) (1x p.d.)
    • Basel Bad (1x p.d.)
    • Basel SBB (1x p.d.)

  • Prices

    ICE International prices

    With ICE International you can travel from € 20 to Germany and from € 65 to Switzerland. The sooner you book the cheaper your ticket. You can book up to 180 days in advance.

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    The price depends on

    Class Superparpreis Europa Sparpreis Europa Flexpreis Europa
    Amsterdam - Düsseldorf One-way trip 2nd class € 19 € 23 € 63
    One-way trip 1st class € 28 € 32 € 103
    Amsterdam - Cologne One-way trip 2nd class € 19 € 23 € 69
    One-way trip 1st class € 28 € 32 € 114

    Book in advance and save money!

    • Book as early as possibly to have the most chance of getting the cheapest tickets.
    • Travelling in the evening is often cheaper.
    • For a weekend getaway, travel Sat-Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat-Sun.
    • Book online to avoid booking fee.

  • Tickets

    ICE International tickets

    ICE International offers different tarif types for your journey. Choose from Flexpreis, Sparpreis or Sparpreis Europa tarif. Every tarif has different conditions.
    Supersparpreis Europa Sparpreis Europa Flexpreis
    Possible to rebook not ok Until 1st day of valid for a fee of € 19 ok
    Cancellation prior to departure not ok Until 1st day of valid for a fee of € 19 ok
    Cancellation after departure not ok not ok From 1st day of valid for a fee of € 19
    +City * not ok ok
    Presale period 180 days 180 days 180 days
    Availability of tickets sufficient sufficient unlimited
    In combination with Dutch reduction card not ok not ok ok
    In combination with Railplus not ok not ok ok
    In combination with BahnCard Bahncard 25
    Bahncard 50
    Bahncard 25
    Bahncard 50
    Bahncard 25
    Bahncard 50
    * Travel to/from the station with local public transport for a significant number of German destinations

    ICE supplement for domestic travel

    For domestic travel with ICE International (Amsterdam - Arnhem) a supplement is required. Passengers, travelling with a valid NS subscription, can travel with ICE International in the Netherlands without a supplement.

    Seat reservations

    It is not mandatory to reserve a seat with ICE International. However, we advise you to do so. You will receive a confirmation of your seat reservation stating the carriage number and seat number.

    Seat reservation 1st class

    When booking a first class ticket, the seat reservation costs are included in the price of your ticket.

  • Classes

    ICE International classes

    ICE International has 2 travel classes: 1st class and 2nd class. In 1st class, you will benefit from additional advantages, such as greater comfort and extra legroom.

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    2nd class

    • 1 electrical outlet for every 2 seats
    • In a number of ICE trains, there is a "kleinkind abteil" (closed off area where children can play)
    • A "Panorama Lounge", where a glass wall has been placed so that passengers can enjoy the same view as the engine driver
    • 37 centimetres of legroom

    1st class

    • Seat reservation included in your ticket*
    • Seat with adjustable back in a carriage with a middle or side aisle
    • Free German newspaper
    • A "Panorama Lounge", where a glass wall has been placed so that passengers can enjoy the same view as the engine driver
    • 46 centimetres legroom
    • 1 electrical outlet for every 2 seats
    • Access to the NS International and DB Lounges (with the exception of Supersparpreis rate (Europe) and the Sparpreis Europe rate)
    * Based on availability.

    Free access to the lounges

    If you have a 1st class ticket, you can enjoy a free drink at the NS International Lounge in Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam. You also have access to the 1st class lounge of Deutsche Bahn at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, where you can enjoy a free snack and drink (with the exception of Supersparpreis rate (Europe) and the Sparpreis Europe rate).

  • On board

    On board ICE International

    Locating your carriage

    On ICE International trains, the carriage numbers are located next to the exterior doors. Your carriage number is printed on your ticket. When stepping onto the platform you can consult the signs that indicate where the carriages are located.

    Travel information

    Once on board, you will receive "Ihr Reiseplan", a folder that lists the stops the train will make and gives information about departure and arrival times at each station, information about connecting trains, and the services that are available on board. Please also listen to announcements for extra information.


    Free Wi-Fi is available on all ICE trains, both in 1st and 2nd class. So you can continue working, e-mail or use social media on board.


    Travelling on an ICE International train means comfortable travel. In the bar/buffet car, you can order a simple meal, sandwiches, salads, hot snacks and beverages and pay in cash or with a credit card. On some ICE International trains, personnel come around to your seat selling beverages and snacks.

    Take a look at the bistro/bar menu

    Travelling with children

    What does it cost to travel with children? Can I bring a stroller on board? May children walk about and play? For a worry-free trip, read all the practical information about travelling with children.


    You are advised to only bring luggage that you can easily carry and that can be stored in the spaces provided. Read more about taking your luggage on board.

    Bringing bicycles on board

    You may not bring a regular bicycle on board ICE International unless it fits inside a piece of luggage to bigger than 85 cm. Read more about bringing a bicycle on board.

    Bringing pets on board

    On board most trains you can bring a pet with you. In certain cases conditions apply. Read more about bringing a pet on board.

    Travellers with impaired mobility

    Our trains and stations provide a number of special facilities that make sure our trains are as accessible as possible for everyone, including the elderly, visually impaired and other passengers with impaired mobility.

    Enjoy the same view as the engine driver

    In the ICE International 3 train carriages (Cologne–Frankfurt) there are "Panorama Lounges", where a glass wall has been placed so that passengers can enjoy the same view as the engine driver.

ICE International

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