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Travel by train to France, the most cultural and culinary destination in Europe. Whether you’re going for a romantic break to Paris or prefer a vacation to one of the ski destinations. One thing is certain: you’ll travel to France easily and quickly with Eurostar or TGV.
You can take Thalys to Paris. Want to go to another destination in France? Then take the fast TGV train to, for example, Lyon, Marseille or Montpellier. These trains depart from Brussels and Paris.

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Frequently asked questions travel to France

Can you travel to France by train?
Can you travel to France by train? Yes, there is direct Eurostar from Amsterdam, Schiphol and Rotterdam to Paris. In Brussels and Paris, you can change to the TGV to many other French destinations.
How long does it take by train to France?
With Eurostar you will travel from Amsterdam to Paris in 3.18 hours. If you want to go further afield, you often have to change trains and the journey takes longer. To Bordeaux, for example, the travel time is 6.41 hours and to Nice 10.08 hours.
What does a train ticket to France cost?
The price of a ticket to France depends on the distance, class and the time of booking. For almost all tickets, the earlier you book, the lower the price. Paris can be bought from € 35. A ticket to Perpignan costs from € 90.
Can you get to the south of France by train?
Yes, there is a direct Eurostar from Amsterdam to Marseille in summer. In the rest of the hair, you can also go to the south of France. You have to change trains in Brussels or Paris to do so.

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