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From € 84

To Marseille by train

With TGV and Thalys

Quickly to the heart of Marseille

  • From € 111 one-way with Thalys to south of France
  • From € 84 one-way with TGV
  • Travel time Amsterdam – Marseille hrs
  • Direct connection on Saturdays in the summer with Thalys
  • Tip! Early booking = lowest prices
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      What was once the old port of Marseille, is now a grand marina located between two ancient forts. The harbour is complete with terraces, restaurants, hotels and shops, but still pleasantly quiet.
      For a beautiful view of the city and the sea, take a walk to the Notre-Dame de la Garde. It's situated on a 150-metre high hill, but the climb is worth it! You can relax on one of the terraces around Rue de la République and Rue de Canebière.

      The city beaches are also great for relaxing. Culturally, there’s plenty on offer: Marseille has more than 22 museums. Especially Le Musée d'Art Contemporain (MAC) is a must-see for the modern art lover.

      Travel information Marseille

      After a change of trains in Brussel-South/Midi or Paris, you can travel with TGV to Marseille. Moreover, every Saturday in July and August Thalys will get you there directly.

      Travel times Thalys to the south of France 2021

      Times from the Netherlands Station Times to the Netherlands Header Header
      7.15 uur (d) Amsterdam Central 23.24 uur (a) Content Content
      7.34 uur (d) Schiphol 23.08 uur (a) Content Content
      7.58 uur (d) Rotterdam Central 22.42 uur (a) Content Content
      8.33 uur (d Antwerp Central 22.03 uur (a) Content Content
      9.25 uur (d) Brussel-South (Midi) 21.22 uur (a) Content Content
      13.06 (a) Valence TGV 17.29 uur (d) Content Content
      13.41 (a) Avignon TGV 16.42 uur (d) Content Content
      14.04 (a) Aix-en-Provence TGV 16.21 uur (d) Content Content
      14.19 (a) Marseille St. Charles 16.06 uur (d) Content Content

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      From € 84

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