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To Disneyland Paris by train

Direct connection with Thalys

  • From € 35 one-way trip with Thalys
  • Travel time Amsterdam - Disneyland Paris: 3.33 hours
  • On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Weekend Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a magical destination for a nice weekend! Meet your favorite Disney Characters and experience the magic with the whole family or friends during a weekend.

Disneyland Paris' birthday

The park's 30th anniversary will last until 30 September 2023. The park is extra festively decorated and the atmosphere is magical.

In 2022, the new themed Marvel Avengers Campus, headquarters of the super-heroes, opened. Exciting!

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Arrive at the entrance

There are two possibilities for taking the train and arriving at the entrance of the park:

Direct connection to Disneyland Paris

Disney Characters are even more accessible: Thalys runs a direct train to Disneyland Paris. This means that you no longer have to change trains in Brussels or Paris, but you can directly travel to the gates of the Disney Parks. Once a day, Thalys travels to Disneyland Paris in just 3.50 hours! Are you making it a day trip? Thalys also runs once a day from Disneyland Paris back to Rotterdam, Schiphol and Amsterdam.

Travel time to Disneyland Paris by Thalys

Travel time to and from Charles de Gaulle Airport and Disneyland Paris by Thalys

Travel tim from the Netherlands

Fri to Mon

Station Travel time to the Netherlands Fri, Sun and Mon Travel time to the Netherlands Sat and Sun Header
7.15 uur (d) Amsterdam 15.14 uur (a) 22.14 uur (a) Content
7.34 uur (d) Schiphol 14.55 uur (a) 21.55 uur (a) Content
7.54 uur (d) Rotterdam 14.32 uur (a) 21.32 uur (a) Content
8.33 uur (d) Antwerp 13.57 uur (a) 20.57 uur (a) Content
9.20 uur (d) Brussels 13.11 uur (a) 20.00 uur (a) Content
10.33 uur (a) Paris Airport CDG 11.58 uur (d) 18.48 uur (d) Content
10.48 uur (a) Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy/ Disneyland Paris 11.43 uur (d) 18.33 uur (d) Content

Discounts when travelling with children

In Thalys children younger than 4 years travel on your lap free of charge and children until 11 years get a discount. Their tickets are € 15 in Standard, € 20 in Comfort and € 30 in Premium for a one-way trip.

Travel to Brussels and take a TGV train

From the Netherlands you can take Intercity Brussels or Thalys to Brussels South/Midi and take a TGV from there directly to Marne-la-Vallée – Chessy. You will arrive at the entrance of Disneyland Paris.
Read more about TGV to Disneyland Paris

Buy your entrance ticket in advance

Not queuing for a ticket at the entrance of Disneyland Paris?
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Disneyland Paris

From € 35