Sports and trains

Sporting events and doing sports abroad

Passionate fan or avid participant? Our high-speed trains will quickly get you to the most exciting matches and (top) sports events. And that while you enjoy a relaxing snack or drink. Ready? Set! All aboard!

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Want to get moving?

Most people know that exercising is good for you. But most people immediately think of running a marathon or get terrifying visions of a hellish jogging track. Good news for the train passengers: during your journey you will effortlessly move 30 minutes a day! Because train travel and exercise go together, NS is Supporter of Movement (Dutch).

Transportation to your sport’s destination

In many ways, the train is the ideal means of transportation to travel to a sports event. To start, the destinations are easily accessible by train. You arrive in the centre of town and can, if necessary, easily continue your journey with public transport. The train is also much more comfortable than your own means of transportation. You can keep fit by regularly stretching your legs. Moreover, you have the opportunity to pin on your jersey number or to finish the banner for your idol!

Explore the city in running shoes

Planning a weekend in Paris, Berlin or London? Then jam your running shoes in your suitcase too. Run a (car-free) lap around the Seine, pass many sights to the Brandenburg Gate or go by the hotspots of the Thames. There are plenty of photo opportunities! With the help of the website and app RunnerMaps you can easily plan your own route.

Is running not your thing? We also offer great routes for walking (only in Dutch)!

(Half) marathons abroad

Running 42 kilometres, how impressive is that! Not just to watch, but to run yourself. The entire year, marathons take place in cities that you can easily reach by train. And while you are there, why not just take a week’s holiday. Then you will see the sights outside the track! Who will you bring along with you?

Marathons calendar

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See a tour!

An entire peloton whizzing past right in front of you is really remarkable. Are you going to cheer on your hero, along side thousands of other cycling fans? Watch how the cobblestones give cyclist a thrashing at Paris-Roubaix, get a good spot along one of the steep climbs of the Tour of Flanders or experience the spectacle of the Tour de France!

More information about the Tour the France

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Game, set and match!

If you have played a game yourself, you know how incredibly talented the real top tennis players are. Hitting the ball with such precision that it just skims the net or delivering an extreme rapid ace. You try it! Of course, you can also watch a pro at work at one of the large international tennis tournaments.

Visit the Roland Garros website (Paris)Visit the Wimbledon website (London)

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