Service offices

Where to find them?

    Service offices

    To ensure we provide you with the best service possible, one or more Service offices can be found at all the large and medium NS train stations. Our personnel will gladly assist you with any questions you may have and you can purchase tickets for all national and many international destinations, and ticket supplements for several of the NS International products.
    Where can I find the service offices?

    Self-service corner

    In the self-service corner of a number of Service offices you can make your own online reservation and if desired, print your ticket – a service that will allow you to still purchase a ticket just before departure. Payments can be made by credit card or iDeal (internet banking).


    It’s also possible to purchase international tickets at the NS desk. A limited number of international destinations are available from Domestic NS desks. The supplement for these destinations is € 1 per person, with a maximum of € 3 per booking. This supplement also applies when a traveller purchases a ticket (without reservation) for the same destinations at the international NS desks or NS International Customer Service.

    For international destinations with a reservation and for all other international destinations available at the NS international desks and NS International Customer Service, you pay € 7.50 per person, with a maximum of € 22.50 per booking. These supplements do not apply to wheelchair users or visually impaired travellers.

    You can also simply order international tickets online or use the Self-service Corners in the OV Service & Tickets shop at larger stations. These bookings are not subject to supplements.

    The ease of making an online reservation

    Did you know that making an online reservation is also a very user-friendly way to order international train tickets? It means you cannot only make a reservation quickly and simply when it suits you, but you will not need to pay a booking fee.
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