Luggage on the train

What are the regulations?

The possibilities for taking luggage differ per train company. On this page you will find an overview of the main rules regarding luggage for all NS International train services.

Luggage Intercity Brussels

You are advised to only take luggage that you can easily carry on board and that can be placed in the storage spaces provided. Small-sized luggage can be placed in the luggage racks above the seats and there are special spaces between the seats for the larger luggage items.

Luggage Eurostar to Belgium and France

With your Eurostar ticket you may not bring more than:

  • 2 items of luggage with dimension: max. 75 x 53 x 30 cm
  • 1 item of hand luggage
  • There is no weight limit but you do need to be able to carry the luggage yourself

For security reasons it is prohibited to block the aisles and doors of the train with luggage or to secure them (with rope or locks) to the train.

When travelling with a child you may bring a stroller on board for free beside the above-mentioned items. The stroller must be folded before entering the train and be stowed in one of the luggage spaces in the carriage where you are seated.
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Luggage TGV

You may bring 2 large items of luggage and a single piece of carry-on luggage. At either side of each carriage, there are luggage racks where you can place your luggage. It is not permitted to take tandems and other bulky items with you.

  • Travel bags, backpacks, suitcases
  • Folding bicycles (bicycles must be folded and packed)
  • Bicycles with detached front and back wheel, and packed in a case no larger than 120x90 cm
  • Skis
  • Strollers (folded)
  • Surfboards (packed, maximum dimensions 120x90 cm)
  • (Electric) wheelchairs (folded)

Luggage Eurostar to London

Besides the luggage permitted to take on board of Eurostar (maximum of 2 medium-sized suitcases of maximum dimension 85cm, and 1 piece of carry-on luggage) it is possible to transport extra luggage with Eurostar. More information about restricted items can be found at

Luggage offices
  • Brussel Zuid, office 'Bagage', this is located between the Eurostar check-in spot and the Travel Centre, between 07:00 - 22:00 hrs, tel.: +32 22 24 88 62.
  • London St. Pancras, Euro Dispatch Centre, between 07:00 - 22:00 hrs, tel.: +44 8705 850 850.
  • Paris Nord, Sernam, between 07:00 - 22:00 hrs, tel.: +33 1 48 74 14 80.
Collecting Luggage

At the arrival station, luggage can be collected within 24 hours. The cost (to be paid in local currency) are:

  • Suitcases, briefcases and other items of less than 30 kilo: € 20
  • Large-sized luggage: Bicycles (tandems are not permitted), large musical instruments: € 30
Luggage lost or forgotten?

If you have accidentally left your luggage on a Eurostar train, you can call the following number for information: +32 2 22 48 701.

Luggage ICE International and Intercity Berlin

You are advised to only bring luggage that you can easily carry and that can be stored in the spaces provided. Smaller pieces of luggage can be placed in the luggage racks above the seats; for the larger pieces of luggage you may make use of the spaces between the seats that have been specifically designed for this purpose.

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Luggage OBB Nightjet/ night trains

Luggage space is limited on ÖBB Nightjet. It is recommended not to take more than one case and one item of hand luggage per person. You must be able to carry your luggage yourself and place the luggage in the luggage racks and/or above seats and berths. A number of coaches have larger luggage racks at the front.
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Luggage Italian trains

On board of Italian (international) day trains, it is only permitted to bring carry-on luggage. There is a limited space for luggage.

On board of Italian (international) night trains, every passenger is permitted to take one suitcase or travel bag besides a piece of carry-on luggage. The luggage can be placed in the spaces provided under chairs, beds or other storage areas in the compartment.

Lost and found

It is unpleasant to forget or even lose something at a station or on board a train. NS International would gladly help you find what you are missing and has some advice and tips that may help you to find whatever it is that you have lost. Read more on our Read more on our lost and found page