Return from € 103

To London by train

Quickly to the city center to London

  • Amsterdam to London direct, from € 103 return
  • Amsterdam to London direct and v.v., from € 55 one way
  • Amsterdam to London with transfer in Brussels, from € 66 one way
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The earlier you book, the lower the price. The lowest fare from Amsterdam to London is a return ticket for € 103. If the € 103 tickets have run out on a particular time and day, the price will increase to anywhere between € 103 and € 411. You pay extra if you want to be flexible.

Travel information

  • A super-fast, direct Eurostar runs daily from Amsterdam to London St Pancras International.
  • You can also make the journey with a transfer in Brussels. You can travel to Brussel-South/Midi with Intercity Brussels.
  • The train journey from London to the Netherlands is already direct and runs three times a day.
  • Check-in is open from 90 minutes before departure.

More information on checking in with Eurostar

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Travel times to London - direct connection

Route Travel time Transfer Header Header
Amsterdam - London 4.13 0 Content Content
Utrecht - London 4.54 1 Content Content
Schiphol - London 4.24 1 Content Content
The Hague - London 4.28 1 Content Content
Rotterdam - London 3.41 0 Content Content
Breda - London 4.15 1 Content Content
Eindhoven - London 5.19 1 Content Content
Brussels - London 2.46 0 Content Content

For a complete travel itinerary, consult our itinerary planner

Frequently asked questions about taking the train to London

How long does it take to travel to London by train?
The shortest trip from Amsterdam to London takes approximately 4.13 hours. View our itinerary planner for an up-to-date overview of all travel times.
How much does a train ticket to London cost?
The lowest price for a return ticket between Amsterdam and London is € 103. The sooner you book, the lower the price. For the best price, you can book from a station near. Check our itinerary planner for an up-to-date overview of all prices.
Can I travel to London by train?
Yes, there is a direct train connection from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London. You can board at Amsterdam Central Station or Rotterdam Central Station, and 4.13 hours later you can get off at London St. Pancras International, in the heart of the city.
What route does the train to London take?
Eurostar starts its train journey to London at Amsterdam Central Station. Then you go to Rotterdam Central, Brussels Zuid/Midi and Lille. Finally, at Calais, you cross the English Channel. Eurostar sometimes stops at the English stations Ashford and Ebbsfleet before arriving at London St Pancras International.
At what train station does Eurostar arrive and terminate in London?
The train between Amsterdam and London arrives at London St. Pancras International.
How can I book the cheapest return ticket to London?
When booking, select the direct train for € 55. If you also choose the direct train for the return journey of € 56, you will see that the total sum of your trip is only € 103.  

Prices train tickets London

Direct connection

You can travel quickly and cheaply from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London with a direct connection. Return tickets for the direct Eurostar to London start from € 103. One-way tickets start from € 55.

The price for a train ticket with the direct Eurostar depends on the travel class, the flexibility (with regard to rebooking and canceling) and the time of booking.

Class Price return tickets (from-to) Header Header Header
Standard € 103 - € 411 Content Content Content
Standard Premier € 191 - € 457  Content Content Content
Business Premier € 598  Content Content Content

Indirect connection

If you travel to London with a transfer in Brussels, the price of your ticket is a combination of:

  • A ticket with Thalys or Intercity Brussels to Brussels South
  • A Eurostar ticket from Brussels to London

A complete overview of the rates and conditions can be found on the Eurostar Rates page. The most important conditions can be found below:

Travelling with Thalys together with Eurostar:

There are 3 types of tariffs available:

  • Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier
  • Standard has the cheapest tickets, limited availability
  • 1st class available with Standard Premier and Business Premier
Travelling with Intercity Brussels together with Eurostar:
  • Price 2nd class from € 66 one way
  • Possibility to change
Class Price one-way (from-to) Header Header Header
Standard € 66 - € 220 Content Content Content
Standard Premier € 99,50 - € 274 Content Content Content
Business Premier € 360  Content Content Content

Book in advance and save money!

Eurostar tickets can be booked 6 months in advance, giving you the best chance of getting the cheapest tickets to London!

Do you want to and can you book far in advance? Then choose the ticket with the lowest fare. The best rate for the price-conscious travellers. Please note: you will not be able to cancel or rebook the ticket. If you want more flexibility, choose another rate.

General tips for getting the cheapest tickets

  • Book as early as possibly to have the most chance of getting the cheapest tickets.
  • Travelling in the evening is often cheaper.
  • For a weekend getaway, travel Sat-Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat-Sun.
  • Book online to avoid booking fee.

Tips to get the best rates

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Practical information

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Check-in time for the direct Eurostar

Direct travel to London is possible from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. You check in at the Eurostar Departures Terminal: your tickets, luggage and passport are checked. Your ticket/fare determines how long in advance you should check in, this is stated at the top of your Eurostar ticket:

  • Business Premier (1st class): no later than 15 minutes before departure from Brussels/Paris/London and no later than 20 minutes before departure from Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Lille.
  • Standard Premier (1st class) and Standard (2nd class): no later than 30 minutes before departure at all stations.

Be on time at ypur departure station

Please note that the time on your ticket is the departure time of your Eurostar train. You must arrive at the station earlier to check in. Your ticket includes advice on how long in advance you should be at the departure station to ensure a smooth check-in process. The advice varies depending on the ticket/fare, this is shown at the top of your Eurostar ticket. The advice is usually between 45 and 90 minutes before departure.

Read more about check-in

Eurostar facilities

To make your trip that much easier, we have summed up certain practical issues for you. We would gladly inform you about all facilities on board so that you can make your journey more comfortable.

Read all about the facilities and practical issues of Eurostar
Read all about the facilities and practical issues of Intercity Brussels


Return from € 103

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