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Walking tours London

City walk & walking tours past the most beautiful places

Walking in London is a great way to get to know the city better. You can walk past the most beautiful sights in London, discover the best shops on foot or even do a Harry Potter walking tour. The street plan in London is clear, and you can easily plan lovely walks in London on a navigation app on your phone. And you will see much more on foot than you would by travelling by underground.

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City walk London

If you travel to London by train from the Netherlands, you will arrive at St. Pancras International. From this station, you can start a delightful city walk through London. First, via the green district of Bloomsbury, you can walk to Russel Square Park, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack in the pavilion. Afterwards, you continue your walk via the British Museum to the trendy district of Soho, where you can do some excellent shopping.
Take your time to discover the district, and if you like, you can divert to Chinatown. You will end this city tour walking past Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.
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Walking tour of London's most prominent attractions

If you are visiting London for the first time, you should not miss the most important sights. In the Westminster district, many famous buildings are situated together. With this walk through Westminster, you will see many beautiful highlights, like:

  • Big Ben
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Eye
  • Westminster Abbey

This condensed walking tour of London is short, but it will probably take you a couple of hours. After all, there is much to see along the way, and it would be a shame to rush.

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Across the river Thames lies the City of London, a district where you can find many other famous attractions. You can also easily take a city walk past all the highlights here. On this walking tour through the City of London, you will see:

  • London Bridge
  • Tower of London
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral

Harry Potter walking route in London

Are you a real Harry Potter fan, and do you want to immerse yourself in the world of this student wizard? Then a Harry Potter walking tour through London is something for you. London forms the backdrop to several scenes in the films, and you can visit almost all of these places. There are, therefore, several Harry Potter walking routes. These are both walks that you can do on your own and as guided tours.

The film locations are pretty far apart, and walks that take you past all the important places can be quite long. For example, this complete Harry Potter walking route in London is 13 kilometres. But this route will take you past all the highlights from the Harry Potter films, such as:

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  • Leadenhall Market: Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron
  • Millennium Bridge: where Dementor attacks took place
  • King's Cross: the station from which the Hogwarts Express departs
  • Claremont Square: headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix
  • Great Scotland Yard: the Ministry of Magic

So, a very extensive walk where you visit all the important places. But, would you prefer a shorter walk? Then this shorter Harry Potter walk of 2.7 kilometres is a good alternative.

Travel to London by train

The most relaxed way to travel to London for a city trip is by train. Board at your nearest station and travel to Brussels South/Midi with Intercity Brussels or Eurostar and take the Eurostar to London from there. Travel time to London will be 4.49 hours. If you are travelling from London to the Netherlands, you can take the direct Eurostar from London to Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Do you want to discover London on foot? Then travel by train to London, and your adventure in this metropolis can begin immediately upon arrival. You can book a return ticket to London for € 100 per person with Eurostar. The sooner you book, the cheaper the train tickets.

Walking tours London

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