Transporting bicycles on trains

What are the rules?

Do you want a lovely cycling holiday? In many of our international trains it's possible to bring your own bicycle. That's handy! We recommend you travel during off-peak periods with your bicycle, but this is not mandatory when travelling internationally. Before you leave, check which rules apply for your train journey.

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Buying or reserving a bicycle ticket

For some trains you'll need to make a reservation in advance or to buy a ticket if you want to bring your bicycle on board. For journeys to and from Belgium and Luxembourg you can book a bicycle ticket online. For other destinations you can book your train trip with bike at the NS International counter or NS International Customer Service.

Ticket prices for bicycles

There are no fixed ticket prices for bikes. The price depends on the route and is determined by the carrier. For some routes, the price os therefore be lower, for others higher. Besides a bicycle ticket, a bicycle reservation is compulsory for some trains. This compulsory bike reservation is free when you purchase your bike ticket.

How many bicycles can be taken on the train?

Train with space for bikes* Bikes packed in bike case** Header Header Header
Intercity Berlin (16 bikes) Eurostar to Paris and Eurostar to London Content Content Content
Nightjet to Zürich (6 bikes) ICE and TGV Content Content Content
Intercity Brussel (4 bikes) Nightjet to Vienna Content Content Content

*These numbers apply to the trains at unchanged train composition. In case of disruptions and calamities, the number may change.
**The size of the bike case varies per carrier and can be read below.

Conditions per train

Every train has its own rules for transporting your bike. Below you can read the possibilities to take your bike with you with each carrier:

Taking your bicycle on regional trains

  • Belgium: You can take your bike on regional trains via Roosendaal and Visé (near Maastricht). You can buy your ticket online.
  • Germany: You can take your bicycle on regional trains via Venlo, Herzogenrath, Gronau, Arnhem (VIAS) and Bielefeld (Keolis).

Taking your bicycle on board Intercity Brussels

To take your bicycle, you need an international bicycle ticket. Below you will find the conditions for taking a bicycle:

  • The following types of bicycles are allowed: (recumbent) bike, and electric bike (the battery must remain in the bike).
  • Tandems, tricycles, segways, and recumbent bikes are only allowed if they are used as aids by travelers with disabilities. The traveler must also be in possession of a disability card and/or a disability sticker on the aid.
  • Not allowed: Cargo bikes, bicycle trailers (bike with a trailer), handcarts, and similar bikes. Mopeds are also not allowed.
  • A folding bike can be taken free of charge when it is folded.
  • You are responsible for loading, unloading, and transferring the bicycle.
  • It is not allowed to leave luggage on the bicycle during the trip.
  • There is a maximum of 1 bicycle per person.
  • For groups, it is not allowed to take bicycles.
  • Bicycles must be placed in the designated carriage.
  • For Intercity Brussels a reservation is required to bring a bicycle from 9 June to 15 September. This compulsory bike reservation is free when you purchase your bike ticket. Please book your bike online or visit the NS International desk at the Tickets & Service Shop at the larger stations.

Please note: you can book your bike ticket to and from Belgium online. For certain stations and routes in Belgium, it is not possible to take a bicycle: to/from Brussels Central, Brussels Congres and Brussel Kapellekerk.

Taking your bicycle on board Eurostar to Belgium/France

Bicycles on board Eurostar are only permitted if they are packed in a bicycle case (135 x 85 x 30 cm). In order for it to fit, you'll need to dismantle the front and back wheel.

Folding bicycle

Folded folding bicycles are considered carry-on luggage as long as they are no larger than the size of a suitcase, namely 75 x 53 x 30 cm.

Please note:
  • You'll need to be at the platform 30 minutes before departure in order to have enough time to dismantle your bicycle.
  • If your bike doesn't comply with these conditions, you'll not be able to take it on board.

Taking your bicycle on board TGV

On board TGV, a bicycle is only allowed if its front wheel has been removed and if the bicycle is packed in a special bicycle slipcover (maximum dimensions: 120 x 90 cm). A tandem is not allowed on board.

Taking your bicycle on board Eurostar to London

No bikes can be taken on the direct Eurostar between Amsterdam and London. However, you may take a folding bike or children's bike, as long as it is no longer than 85 cm and is transported in a protective cover that covers the entire bike. Keep in mind that your bike will be considered part of your luggage. On the Eurostar from Brussels to London, you can bring a bicycle. To do so, email

Taking your bike to Germany

Regular bicycles are only allowed if they are packed as luggage. The packed bike must fit under the seat or in the luggage rack. If you take your bicycle with you, disassembled and packed, you don't need a ticket for your bike. Maximum packaging dimensions: 120 x 90 cm (lxw). For safety reasons, the aisles must be kept clear. Please make sure that your packaged bike has a luggage label with your first and last name.

Folding bicycles can be carried as luggage when folded, when they are placed in the luggage rack or under the seat. Folding bikes that are placed in the luggage rack must be packed in a cover, bag or suitcase for safety reasons. If the folding bike can be placed under the seat, packaging is not necessary.

Taking your bicycle on board ICE International

From summer 2024, the new ICE 3neo will operate on the route between Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The new train has space for eight bikes. You need to reserve these bicycle spaces in advance. Reserving bike spaces will be possible from mid July 2024.

  • Bicycles must be placed in the available bicycle racks. This is an obligation because the train travels on high-speed lines.
    The bike racks usually have a width for tyres of 40 to 60 mm.
  • A fatbike is only allowed if it fits in the bike rack (usually a width for tyres of 40 to 60 mm).
  • A tandem, recumbent or tricycle can only be taken on trains with a larger storage capacity. For more information, please contact customer service.

Taking your bicycle on board Intercity Berlin

  • Intercity Berlin has a bicycle carriage, with room for 16 bicycles. You can take your bike with you and place it in this carriage. Tandems (two bicycle spaces are needed for them) and tricycles (for people with reduced mobility) are also allowed.
  • You'll need an international bike ticket for your bike. In addition, a reservation for your bike is required. This compulsory bike reservation is free when you purchase your bike ticket from February 5, 2024. You can reserve a bicycle place by telephone, via the NS International Customer Service or at the international desk.
    • Would you like to bring your bicycle only on board the Dutch stretch of Intercity Berlin? This is only possible with a domestic bicycle ticket. During peak hours and in the summer months, due to the crowds, bicycle transport is only possible for passengers with an international bicycle ticket and reservation.

    Taking your bicycle on board night train Nightjet

    You can’t travel with a bicycle in the night train from Amsterdam to Vienna and Munich and Innsbruck. A bicycle (folding or otherwise) can only be taken on board if it is packed in a bicycle case (not a cover) with a maximum size of 85x85 cm. You can take a bicycle with you on the night train to Basel and Zurich.
    More information about bikes on the night train

    Cycling to and from the station

    Cycling is the ideal mode of transportation to get to and from the train station. That is why we offer you various bicycle services at all NS International stations.