Check-in Eurostar to London

When traveling to and from London with Eurostar you must check in: your luggage and passport must be checked. Here you will find all the information about the check-in procedure.

Check-in direct train to London

You check in at the Eurostar Departures Terminal. Check-in is opened from 90 minutes before departure. Your ticket/fare determines how long in advance you should check in, this is stated at the top of your Eurostar ticket:

  • Business Premier (1st class): no later than 15 minutes before departure from Brussels/Paris/London and no later than 20 minutes before departure from Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Lille.
  • Standard Premier (1st class) and Standard (2nd class): no later than 30 minutes before departure at all stations.

Be on time at your departure station

Your ticket includes advice on how long in advance you should be at the departure station to ensure a smooth check-in process. The advice varies depending on the ticket/fare, this is shown at the top of your Eurostar ticket. The advice is usually between 45 and 90 minutes before departure.

Eurostar Departures Terminal

If you are departing from Amsterdam Central Station, please report to the Eurostar Departures Terminal on track 15b. On this map you can seee where the terminal is located. If you are travelling with Eurostar from Rotterdam Central Station, you will be directed to the Eurostar Departures Terminal on track 2. On this map you see the location of the terminal.

If you are too late at the check-in, you will be refused access and miss your train. So, make sure you are on time.

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Check-in train to London with a stopover in Brussels

On your outward trip, check-in for Eurostar at Brussels-South/Midi station. When changing trains in Brussels, our travel planners take into account:

Direct return trip to the Netherlands

The same check-in procedure applies at St. Pancras International station as at Amsterdam and Rotterdam Central station. If you are travelling back to the Netherlands, you must arrive at the Eurostar Channel Terminal at St. Pancras International at least 30 minutes in advance. Please note that the time on your ticket is the departure time of your Eurostar train. You need to be at the station earlier to check in.

As there are many busy trains departing from London St. Pancras International (including commuter trains to Paris), we advise you to be at the Eurostar Channel Terminal at least 45 minutes in advance.

Check-in for Eurostar

  1. Your ticket will first be scanned.
  2. Then your luggage will be screened. This is done using the same equipment as at the airport.
    Good to know: permitted liquids can be carried in containers larger than 100 ml.
    More information about taking luggage
  3. The last step is passport control. Keep your passport ready to help things move faster.
  4. Once you have passed passport control, you can take a seat in the waiting area of the Eurostar Lounge, depending on the ticket that you have.
  5. As soon as your train is ready, it will be announced that you can board the train.

    Check-in Eurostar (animation)

    Watch this video explaining how the direct connection works.

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