Advance Passenger Information UK

From 2 April 2024, the UK government requires all travellers to the UK to provide additional information (API) before travelling such as passport number and date of birth.
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What does this mean for you?

  • You can book your trip to or from London as usual. Once you have made the booking, you will see the text: 'Complete your passenger details'. There is a link to Eurostar's site where you can fill in the additional passenger details.
  • Once you have entered your details on, you can download your ticket immediately. You must do this before checking in at the station.
  • After you have booked a ticket from or to London, you will receive an email from us confirming your booking. The email will contain a link that will allow you to download tickets. These are then tickets from your journey to the boarding station of your international train. For example, if you have booked a ticket Alkmaar to London.
  • If you have not filled in your details completely, you will not be able to check in!

Frequently asked questions

I need to enter my PNR on the Eurostar site. What is that and where do I find it?
The PNR is the booking code of your ticket to or from London. You will find the code in the email you received. The code can also be found in MyNSI. To log on to the Eurostar site, you need to enter the PNR plus the surname of one of the passengers.
How do I enter the station?
You can use the barcode on your ticket to open the gates at the station. You will receive your ticket once you have completed the additional details.
Until when can I enter these details?
You must have entered the details before checking in at the station. The check-in time varies by fare and is shown on your ticket.
Should I fill this in twice, for the outward and return journey?
No, you complete this once.
What if something changes about my data?
For example, if your passport number changes, you will fill everything in again. Your details will not be kept by Eurostar for privacy reasons. You do this again by logging in to the Eurostar site.
If I change my ticket, do I also have to change these details?
No, you will not have to fill in the additional personal data again.
I booked my ticket earlier, before 1 April 2024. So should I fill in these details now?
No, this only applies to bookings you make from 2 April 2024.
Should I fill this out for children too?
Yes, you must fill in these particulars for children with their own seat, own ticket.