Eurail Pass

  • Travel around 33 European countries
  • 25% discount for travellers up to and including 27 years old
  • Ideal for families: 2 children to 11 years can travel along for free
  • Senior citizens 60 years and older get 10% discount
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Discover Europe by train

The Eurail Pass is for non-European residents planning to travel within Europe. With a Eurail Pass, you can easily travel from country to country and discover the hotspots of Europe. This is often a more economical option than buying train tickets separately for each trip.
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Which Eurail Passes are there?

There are different types of Eurail Passes available:

  • Eurail Global Pass: This allows you to travel in 33 countries. It is ideal for long trips where you want to visit many different countries.
  • Eurail One Country Pass: This pass is specifically for travel within a single country. It is ideal if you plan to explore a particular country in depth.
  • Eurail Packages: These are pre-arranged itineraries for travelers of all ages. Seat reservations, accommodation and discounts on attractions are part of the package, plus much more, making Eurailing even more accessible and hassle-free.
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    Only for non-European residents

    Only non-European residents are eligible for a Eurail Pass. Do you live within Europe? Then you can use one, with the same benefits as a Eurail Pass.
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    Buy a Eurail Pass

    We would advise you to purchase your Eurail Pass online at You'll save 20% and get your pass sent to your home.

    Would you prefer to purchase your Eurail Pass at a counter? That is possible at the Eurail Aid Offices. You can find the Eurail Aid Offices at the NS International counter in the Service office at Amsterdam CS and Schiphol. You can also buy the Eurail Pass in the country where you live.

    Reserving seats by train operator

    Some trains require seat reservations, even if you have a Eurail Pass. Reservations can be convenient, especially during a busy vacation period. Reservation requirements vary by train operator:

      You can reserve a seat in several ways:

      • Through our website for travel with ICE International or Intercity Berlin

      • Through the NS International counters for all other train operators
      • Through Eurail. For this you need an Interrail Pass and an Interrail account.