Europe at your feet: which track will you follow?

Interrailing for 50 years!

Spring is here! And that means holiday fever - and stressful choices, because there are so many great destinations in Europe that it is sometimes difficult to choose. Fortunately, you won’t have to. With the Interrail Pass you can travel by train throughout Europe. Flexible and comfortable.
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Did you know

... you can buy a paper pass or a mobile pass?
... with a mobile pass, you will not have to choose a start date until you start travelling?
... you can travel through 33 European countries with Interrrail?
... seniors 60 years and older receive a 10% discount?
... young people up to 27 years of age receive a 25% discount?
… 2 children up to 11 years can travel for free with an adult?
… you can travel all over Europe with a Global Pass?
… you can travel through one country of your choice with the One Country Pass?

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On holiday with Interrail

Taking the train on holiday has many advantages. You only have to get on and the train driver will take you to your destination. With Interrail it does not matter whether you want to go away for a few days, a few weeks or even a whole month. Or whether you want to travel through all of Europe, or explore all the corners of a specific country or region. There is a suitable pass for every travel plan.

Flexible city hopping

With the One Country Pass, you can easily travel to Cologne, for example. After almost three hours of travelling you can already stroll through the streets around the Brüsseler Platz, full of fashion boutiques, cafés, trendy bars and pleasant restaurants. Had enough of Cologne? Then after four comfortable hours of travel you can get off the train in the centre of Berlin. This way, you can travel freely in the country of your choice.

Freedom and joy

Or what about Limerick in Ireland? With the Interrail Global Pass, you can combine your visit to London with an adventurous trip by train and ferry to this quirky, creative city in the rolling Irish hills. Have a beer in a medieval pub and visit the artisanal Milk Market and the many museums. Outside the city walls, explore the wonderful countryside or take a sup on the River Shannon. You want more of Ireland? Just hop on a train to exciting Dublin or to Cork further south. Adventure guaranteed!

Want to go back to England? No problem, with the Global Pass, you can travel seamlessly across several borders.

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Historic gems

If you prefer more sun, you should go to, for instance, Dubrovnik at the very tip of Croatia. According to many, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The historical centre is even on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A walk along the famous city walls reveals a breathtaking view of the orange roofs of the historic city and the azure-blue Adriatic Sea. With the Interrail Global Pass, you can then travel from Croatia onwards to Athens or the pearly white beaches of Thessaloniki in approximately seven hours.

Dennis and Mariëtte go Interrailing

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