Stories about travelling by train

Agnes takes a sustainable approach to travel: she travels to countries close to home and likes to take the train. Dennis and Mariëtte tell about their beautiful journey through the Balkans with the Interrail pass. The train was an extension of their vacation as the train journey gave the perfect opportunity to finish that one book or listen to all the episodes of the podcast. In short: read the inspiring stories of train passengers and our colleagues who work on the train.

Macarons in Paris

Cas Wolters takes you to Paris and shares his knowledge of macarons. Discover its history as well as the places where you can buy them in Paris.

Hiking in Austria

As a real mountaineer, it is great to live in Austria. Hiking every day and enjoying the beautiful views.

Europe is at your feet

Freedom and joy with Interrail: travel across Europe with an Interrail Global Pass.

I love London

The English capital is full of surprises. And the city is extra lovely in the spring.

With kids to Paris

Laura visited Paris together with her daughters Pip and Juup. And what did this threesome discover? That Paris is the perfect family city.

Wouter is an engine driver for Intercity Brussels

Recently, Wouter became an engine driver for Intercity Brussels. The work is nice and we are a close-knit team.

Dennis and Mariëtte go Interrailing

Want to discover Europe at your own pace and create beautiful memories? Mariëtte and Dennis from Roermond preceded you and share their unique journey with us.

Opera singer Joel Vuik takes night train to Vienna

Opera singer Joël Vuik takes the night train to Vienna.

South of France with kids

On holiday to the South of France with the kids. Very enjoyable and super-fast with Thalys.

Going on holiday by train with kids

There's no greater pleasure for children than travelling by train! You have more freedom of movement than in a car.

Train manager Perry on 25 years Thalys

Thalys celebrates its 25th anniversary. Train manager Perry likes to talk about his work on board the train and the changes over the past few years.

Koen visited 30 countries in 30 days

Koen travelled with an Interrail Pass and visited 30 countries in 30 days.