Opera singer Joel Vuik takes night train to Vienna | NS International
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Joël Vuik takes Nightjet to Vienna

I prefer not to fly, I want to do something for the environment

"I'm Joël Vuik, an opera singer. I travel from Arnhem to Vienna on the Nightjet. I take the train because I want to do something for the environment, I don't want to fly. If you can sleep on the train ... yes, why not?"

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On board

"There's enough space on board for luggage, all the facilities you need are there. A sink and sockets everywhere. Nearby a toilet and a shower!

"As an opera singer, I’m concerned with my own voice. With my peace, with my comfort. And that's why I've chosen this sleeping place, because it offers everything.

"I can even prepare myself for the music that I'm going to sing later on. You go to sleep in the evening and in the morning you wake up at your destination! "

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Opera city Vienna

“I'm planning to go and find some places in Vienna where I might be able to sing. There are some very beautiful buildings, such as the Karlskirche church, near which Vivaldi is buried.

"The church has very special acoustics. It’s really nice to sing there, so I'm going to try and sing a few notes in that church."

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More about Joël Vuik

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