Want to take the kids to see Paris? Take the train!

Recently, Laura from Reisachtig.com went to Paris together with her daughters Pip and Juup. And what did this threesome discover? That Paris is the perfect family city.
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On the move with Eurostar

Unnoticed, the train hurtles across meadows, past villages and cities. While Pip looks out the window, she asks: "Mum, how long will it actually take us to get to Paris?"
"Just over three hours," I reply.
Meanwhile, Juup runs up to me and cheers: “It's basically a plane on rails".

Given the speed and convenience, I largely agree with this comparison. But fortunately, the train is a lot more environmentally friendly and comfortable. After all, there is plenty of room to play.
The train also rolls right into the centre of the city, meaning less travel time. Step off the train and onto the metro to your final destination.

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One big playground

Although Paris is a big city, it doesn't feel like it in many places. Children have all the space they need to play, for example in Park Luxembourg, or in the theme park Jardin d' Acclimation in the city centre.

Play a game of basketball in fashionable Pigalle and sprint down the steps of Montmartre. Or leap like a hare over the striped columns in the inner garden of Palais Royale.
In the eyes of children, the city is one big playground!

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Lots to see

By far, most people visit the City of Lights because of major attractions such as the Eiffel Tower. Want to admire the Iron Lady from several locations? Climb the Arc de Triomphe, or go to La Fayette's department store for the perfect panorama. Wherever you stand, the Eiffel Tower is always magnificent. Especially in the evening, when the lights flash for five minutes on the hour. According to my children, this is an indispensable highlight of Paris.

In the city that has everything, there is plenty to do... Enter a museum like the Louvre, stroll along the Seine, or take a walk past different city highlights.

With its stately streets, squares and lively terraces, it is good to wander around in beautiful Paris. Not the many formidable attractions, but the great atmosphere is the city's biggest asset.
In short: immerse yourself and your family in this city adventure full of new experiences. Taste a sweet macaron, listen to a French chanson, play a game of Jeu de boules and enjoy the 'joie de vivre’-feeling!

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What did the children actually think of Paris?

Pip: "Paris is even more fun in real life than portrayed in movies. There are so many beautiful things to see, such as the blue Sainte-Chapelle. And the shopping is great."
Juup: "
It's fun to order a crepe in French from a street vendor's stall. There are also many restaurants with difficult names where you can eat French food. Although I just ate pizza."

Travel to Paris for less

Besides excellent restaurants, Paris is also bursting with budget-friendly, good family accommodation such as: the Novotel Paris Versailles. Many attractions are free for children.
NS International also offers an early booking discount. And, there is plenty to experience whatever the season.

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