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5 French delicacies and where to eat them

Typical French delicacies in Paris range from the très chic to the takeaway. Here are five favourite French classics and the best places in Paris to eat them. Bon appétit!

1. Steak tartare & fries

This French classic is for the true carnivore: steak tartare, preferably served with fries. Tartare was first served in French restaurants at the beginning of the 20th century. The name comes from the tartar sauce, with which the original 'steack à l'Americaine' was often served.

Le Severo

According to experts, butcher-restaurateur William Bernet serves the best steak tartare in his restaurant Le Severo in the 14th arrondissement. Here, the meat is traditionally finely chopped and not minced.
Address: 8 rue des Plantes

2. Macarons 

Eating a macaron should be part of any visit to Paris. These sweet biscuits of almond flour with a soft filling (ganache) are available in all sorts and flavours. A simple macaron can consist of one flavour, such as chocolate, or of a flavour combination, such as wasabi & strawberry confit.

Patisserie Pierre Hermé

The most surprising flavour combinations can be found in one of the renowned patisseries of Pierre Hermé, such as the beautiful tea room on Avenue des Champs-Elysées.
Address: 86 avenue des Champs Elysées

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3. French onion soup

French onion soup is a customary dish in most Parisian bistros. Its origins are somewhat unclear, but probably lead back to the 18th century of King Louis XV and since then it has alway been part of French cuisine. This soup of slow-cooked onions, beef broth, croutons and grilled Comté cheese was traditionally eaten late at night, but is also delicious for lunch.

Bistrot Des Vosges

Lovers of French onion soup prefer to eat it at the charming Bistrot Des Vosges, near the famous Place des Vosges park.
Address: 31 boulevard Beaumarchais Bastille/Marais

4. Crêpes

The typical street food of Paris is without a doubt the crêpe. The French capital is teeming with stalls and stands selling these wafer-thin pancakes.
Those with a sweet tooth should choose the classic crêpe 'beurre-sucre', with butter and sugar or other sweet toppings such as chocolate spread, fruit or vanilla with caramel. Those with a more savoury tooth should try a galette, a crêpe made from buckwheat flour that usually has a savoury topping.

Breizh Café

One of the most popular crêpe placesin Paris is Breizh Café in the trendy district of Le Marais.
Try, for example, the Crêpe tatin, flambéed with calvados and brown sugar. Or a galette with smoked herring and potatoes. These are best consumed with a glass of cider.
Address:109 rue Vieille du Temple

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5. Croque-monsieur (sandwich)

The French version of a grilled sandwich, the croque-monsieur, may seem standard at first glance. But prepared properly, this French cuisine classic is a carefully crafted dish. It can be found on the menu of every bistro in Paris. The secret of this typically French sandwich lies in the soft brioche-like white bread, pain de mie, with spicy French cheese and the creamy bechamel sauce as a topping.
Nice to know that there is also a croque-madame, which has no bechamel sauce but does have a fried egg on top!

Vin des Pyrénées

The croque-monsieur is traditionally eaten on the terrace of a French bistro, such as the quaint Vin des Pyrénées in the Arsenal district. True foodies can enjoy a croque-monsieur with, for example, truffle cheese.
Address: 25 rue Beautreillis 25 rue Beautreillis

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