Hiking in Austria every day

Sietske moved to the mountains

Since Sietske and her boyfriend moved to Austria, the train transports her from her new home to her homeland. And back again.

"My favourite part of the journey when you go past the south of Germany and the real mountains come into view. And when you travel over overpasses.”

Sietske is delighted that, thanks to the good train connection, she can easily visit her friends and family. One thing she does miss in her new homeland are Lays ribbed chips. So, chances are, you will spot her on the train with a bag full of chips.

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Living in the Hohe Tauern

"My boyfriend and I have always been real mountaineers, and every holiday we would talk about how great it would be if we lived here. We said to each other: we would be able to hike every day, have this view and be in nature. Last December, we finally did it and moved to Austria. We now live in the Hohe Tauern, a national park. This area is really beautiful. Here, you can really let go of the hustle and bustle of home.”

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Small and insignificant in the mountains

"In the mountains, you can experience how small and insignificant you really are. In our urban environment, we often think we can control everything and that we are superior. But in the mountains, you feel that you are part of nature and that you don't have much influence. I find it beautiful to experience that time, time and again. It brings you back down to earth and makes you realise that nature is so much bigger and more powerful than we realise."

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Different every day

"Does all that hiking ever get boring? No, every day is different. And every season is different. One day the sun shines, the next the clouds hang low. Sometimes it drizzles, sometimes you meet animals. And every season, there are different flowers. So, the views are never the same. I really look forward to autumn and summer. There's something really beautiful about experiencing these seasons in Austria."

Multi-day hikes

"I regularly organise multi-day hikes from mountain hut to mountain hut. That is quite a physical challenge, but you really experience pure mental relaxation. You walk for several days through untouched alpine landscapes without normal facilities such as roads or lights. I plan these tours in such a way that most of them can be reached by train. The train is, of course, a very relaxing way to travel. It's a long ride, but you can do anything: look outside, read a book, work. Whatever you want."

Sietske organises tours which you can book via her site MeidenindeBergen (Dutch).

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