Agreement on Journey Continuation (AJC)

The Agreement on Journey Continuation (AJC) is an agreement between 16 European railway undertakings that allows passengers on international trains to take the next available train with the same carrier at no extra cost if they miss their connection due to delay or cancellation of the booked train.
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Participating railway companies

  • BLS and SBB/CFF (Switserland)
  • CD (Czech Republic)
  • CFL (Luxembourg)
  • DB (Germany)
  • DSB (Denmark)
  • GYSEV (Hungary)
  • NS (Netherlands)
  • ÖBB (Austria)
  • Renfe (Spain)
  • SJ (Sweden)
  • SNCB/SNCB (Belgium)

  • SNCF (France)
  • SZ (Slovenia)
  • Trenitalia (Italy)
  • ZSSK (Slovakia)
  • MÁV-START (Hungary)
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How does it work in practice

If you miss your connection during an international journey because your previous train was delayed, go to one of our staff members at your transfer station (the station where you should have changed to the missed international train) or check with the staff on board the train. The procedure is the same for all train companies that have signed the agreement.


  • You book your trip with sufficient transfer time between the connections.
  • Continuation of the journey takes place with the same carrier.
  • In the alternative train you do not have a guaranteed seat reservation
  • Each of your tickets is a separate contract of carriage. If you were delayed during your journey, a compensation application will only take into account the train that was actually delayed. You can submit such a request via Refund and Receive Compensation | NS International


You travel from Rotterdam Central Station to Lyon changing trains in Brussels-Midi

  • You will receive 2 tickets for the journey operated by NS, SNCB and SNCF
  • The train from Rotterdam to Brussels South is an intercity operated jointly by NS and SNCB.
  • The TGV INOUI between Brussels-Midi and Lyon is operated jointly by SNCB and SNCF. You have a ticket with seat reservation for this train.

Your Intercity from Rotterdam to Brussels is unexpectedly delayed and you miss your connection in Brussels-Midi. In that case, go to the international ticket office at Brussels -Midi station (your transfer station) and say that your first train arrived late.

The Staff in Brussels Midi will verify that you have provided sufficient transfer time, and will give you a proof of delay and the timetable of the next TGV INOUI from Brussels Midi to your destination with the same carrier, which you can take, provided there is space available, without having to buy a new ticket.

In the alternative train you do not have a guarantee of a seat.

The conditions are further explained in the leaflet