Captivating train journey across central Europe

Want to take an unforgettable journey through central Europe's vibrant and historic cities? Discover this adventurous and sustainable itinerary through Austria, Hungary and Slovakia and experience the vibrant life in some of central Europe's most beautiful cities. Travelling by train has many advantages: you travel quickly, easily, enjoy beautiful views en route and arrive in the heart of the city well-rested. In addition, you contribute to a better environment by saving a considerable amount of CO2.

Depart from a station near you and discover the adventurous train journey along the charming central European cities of Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Salzburg and Innsbruck. We recommend the best hotspots for each city on the route!

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Rail holiday through Europe

Route Travel time Transfers Header Header
Utrecht - Vienna 13.16 hours 0 Content Content
Vienna - Budapest hours 0 Content Content
Budapest - Bratislava 2.53 hours 0 Content Content
Bratislava - Salzburg 3.44 hours 0 Content Content
Salzburg - Innsbruck 1.48 hours 0 Content Content
Innsbruck - Utrecht 13.33 hours 0 Content Content

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Vienna is known for the many palaces that populate the Austrian capital. Schönbrunn Palace, which can be compared to the Palace of Versailles in size and beauty, is especially worth a visit. Wander through its courteous gardens and admire all the splendour in its many rooms. But did you know that Vienna also has plenty of trendy hotspots? Drink coffee in a hip coffee house or enjoy a beer in a lively beer garden in the trendy Leopoldstadt district. The beating heart of this historically typical Jewish district is the lively Karmelitermarkt, where you can eat and drink and find lots of lovely shops. Discover Vienna by train and disembark in the heart of the city well-rested. From € 35 you will travel from Utrecht to Vienna in 13.16 hours direct connection with the overnight train.


Budapest is immediately associated with the Hungarian capital's many bathhouses. From luxurious spas like Széchenyi to smaller bath houses, this is where you can enjoy a wonderful day in a spa during your city break. In summer, you can enjoy a pleasant city beach on the Danube, Budapest's lifeline that divides the city into two parts: Buda and Pest. In addition, Budapest is a paradise for lovers of markets with food, souvenirs and vintage finds. The most famous market is the Great Market Hall, a huge covered market that is definitely worth a visit. But you can also spend hours wandering past market stalls at smaller markets such as the Ecseri Piac flea market and the Szimpla Sunday Farmer's Market.

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Want an adventure in a charming little capital with a beautiful historic city centre, many museums and lively cafés? Then discover the Slovak capital Bratislava! The historic centre is dominated by Bratislava Castle, which overlooks the 18th-century city full of bustling cafés and restaurants. Culture buffs will enjoy the many museums, such as the Slovak National Museum, the Transport Museum or the Bratislava City Gallery. For great antique and souvenir shops, head to the atmospheric Panska shopping street, located in the heart of the city. From here, stroll along the banks of the Danube and settle down for a delicious dinner overlooking the water.


Salzburg is Austria's fourth-largest city and known for its Baroque architecture. Wandering through the romantic streets of Salzburg is a tourist attraction in itself: as the historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Climb to the hilltop castle Hohensalzburg and enjoy fantastic views over the city. Discover the best shops in the lively shopping street Getreidegasse, and immerse yourself in the past of the Austrian prodigy and visit the home where Mozart was born. Feeling thirsty? Drink coffee in a typical Austrian café or enjoy a beer and local dishes such as Wienerschnitzel or Schweinebraten with sauerkraut in a lively Biergarten.


Hidden behind Tyrol's snow-capped peaks lies the medieval town of Innsbruck. The Austrian city is best known for winter sports, but it is also a great place to be in summer. Stroll along the banks of the Inn and admire a skyline of brightly coloured houses that stand out against an impressive mountain range. In summer, you can even take a refreshing plunge in the crystal-clear water here!
Innsbruck has a friendly and compact city centre where you can do everything on foot. Stroll through the scenic medieval streets and visit the Hofburg, the former imperial palace. Then settle down for a delicious drink on a sunny terrace.

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Why travel around Europe by train?

Travelling by train is adventurous, comfortable and fast. While travelling to your holiday destination, you can read a book in a comfortable seat, enjoy beautiful views and get off in the heart of the city. So, you can start exploring a European city well-rested. Not to mention, it is more sustainable than the car and plane.

Below you can discover how much more sustainable each particular train journey is.

Discover the CO2 savings of this train journey

Destination Number km train Number km car CO2 train CO2 car
Vienna 1013 1113 61 kilo 193 kilo
Budapest 245 243 15 kilo 42 kilo
Bratislava 194 201 12 kilo 35 kilo
Salzburg 372 381 22 kilo 66 kilo
Innsbruck 193 187 12 kilo 32 kilo
Utrecht 1237 894 74 kilo 155 kilo
Total 200 kilo 500 kilo

The numbers are based on a trip for 2 people and come from Milieu Centraal.

What does this saving mean exactly?

*You will save 300 kilos of CO2, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 400 warm water showers.*

Tips for cheap train tickets

Want to discover Central Europe's vibrant and historic cities with an adventurous train journey? Book tickets easily and quickly via NS International. All train tickets can be booked separately, so you can easily compile your own trip.

  • Book as early as possible, so you have the best chance of getting tickets for the best prices.
  • Often, travelling in the evening is cheaper.
  • Make a reservation from the station around the corner from you.

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    * Showering is calculated by Milieu Centraal at an average of 8 minutes and 42 seconds. In addition, how 'green' the electricity the trains run on varies per European country. Here, Milieu Centraal uses average figures for CO2 emissions of all high-speed trains in Europe. The car is a medium-sized petrol car.