Embark on a train journey through northern Europe

Northern Europe has beautiful cities, such as Hamburg and Copenhagen. We mapped out a train route along the nicest northern European cities for an unforgettable adventure. Travelling by train has many advantages: you can travel quickly and easily, enjoy beautiful views en route and arrive in the heart of the city well-rested. In addition, you contribute to a better environment by saving a considerable amount of CO2.

Depart from a station near you and discover the adventurous train journey along the vibrant northern European cities of Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Bremen. We recommend the best hotspots for each city on the route!

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Rail holiday through Europe

Route Travel time Transfers Header Header
Utrecht - Düsseldorf 1h44m 0 Content Content
Düsseldorf - Hamburg 3h12m 0 Content Content
Hamburg - Aarhus 4h42m 0 Content Content
Aarhus - Copenhagen 2h55m 0 Content Content
Copenhagen - Bremen 5h58m 1 Content Content
Bremen - Utrecht 4h05m 1 Content Content

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A lively historic centre, tasty beers and a rich array of museums: the vibrant German city of Düsseldorf has it all. Explore the hip Flingern district for unique boutiques and sip coffee in one of the trendy coffee bars that add colour to this part of town. Or walk along the banks of the Rhine. In summer, you can even enjoy a real city beach! Want to discover the best of Japanese cuisine? Then head to the Japanese district of Little Tokyo, where exotic smells await you. Enjoy sushi, traditional noodle soup or browse among the oriental trinkets. In the evening, locally brewed beer flows richly in the Altstadt entertainment district. Discover Düsseldorf by train and disembark in the heart of the city well-rested.


Hamburg is sometimes called 'little Berlin' because of its hip and vibrant character. Like the German capital, Hamburg has industrial influences, but at the same time many hip hotspots, museums and beautiful sights. Cycle along the banks of the Elbe, see huge warehouses and visit hip cafés in the refurbished old harbour district Hafencity. Or discover colourful street art, hip concept stores and unique cafés in the artistic St Pauli district. At night, you can also find lively bars and nightclubs here. Remember to explore the trendy and relaxed Schanzenviertel district. This district buzzes with lively terraces, tasty food and drinks, both during the day and in the evening. Travel comfortably and quickly to Hamburg by train.
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The pleasant college city of Aarhus is Denmark's second-largest city. It is bursting with lively cafés, culinary highlights, beautiful museums and surprisingly picturesque streets and buildings. Discover the city's past at the Viking Museum, admire modern and contemporary art at the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum or visit the Women's Museum. Remember to visit the picture-perfect Møllestien street full of colourful houses. Feeling hungry after a cultural day in the city? Then visit the Street Food Market, a hip and welcoming place for food lovers from all over the world. Discover Aarhus by train and disembark well-rested in the heart of the city.


The hip and vibrant Copenhagen is a multifaceted city. In the quiet neighbourhood of Frederiksberg, you can relax in the gardens of Frederiksberg Palace and shop endlessly in modern shopping streets. Looking for trendy cafés, lovely shops and good restaurants? Then explore the trendy Vesterbro district. Originally a working-class district, it has become Copenhagen's creative backbone. Remember to enjoy a delicious Fika (coffee or tea with sweets). Just a few minutes' walk from the city centre, you will find Copenhagen's multicultural heart: the hip Nørrebro district. It is bursting with international cuisines and cute little designer shops.
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The German city of Bremen has a rich history dating as far back as 1200 years. Wander through the historic city centre and admire iconic buildings such as the Dom and the Rathaus. Walk down the medieval streets of Schnoor Viertel and discover quaint antique shops, galleries, artisans, cafes and restaurants in the snug old buildings. Just a five-minute walk from the Old Town is the arty district of Das Viertel, where colourful graffiti and street art adorn the streets. By day, you can visit unique vintage shops here and in the evening it turns into a vibrant nightlife district. Travel to Bremen by train and enjoy stunning views.

Why travel around Europe by train?

Travelling by train is adventurous, comfortable and fast. While travelling to your holiday destination, you can read a book in a comfortable seat, enjoy beautiful views and get off in the heart of the city. So, you can start exploring a European city well-rested. Not to mention, it is more sustainable than the car and plane.


Below you can discover how much more sustainable each particular train journey is.

Discover the CO2 savings of this train journey

Destination Number km train Number km car CO2 train CO2 car
Düsseldorf 179 193 11 kilo 33 kilo
Hamburg 400 402 24 kilo 70 kilo
Aarhus 409 340 25 kilo 59 kilo
Copenhagen 329 190 20 kilo 33 kilo
Bremen 617 452 37 kilo 78 kilo
Utrecht 378 334 23 kilo 58 kilo
Total 140 kilo 330 kilo

The numbers are based on a trip for 2 people and come from Milieu Centraal.

What does this saving mean exactly?

You will save 190 kilos of CO2, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 250 warm water showers.*

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  • Book as early as possible, so you have the best chance of getting tickets for the best prices.
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  • Make a reservation from the station around the corner from you.

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    * Showering is calculated by Milieu Centraal at an average of 8 minutes and 42 seconds. In addition, how 'green' the electricity the trains run on varies per European country. Here, Milieu Centraal uses average figures for CO2 emissions of all high-speed trains in Europe. The car is a medium-sized petrol car.