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  • Via Heerlen to Aachen
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Aachen is a city full of history. Centuries ago, it was the capital of the Frankish empire where dozens of German kings were crowned. You can still taste that atmosphere today in the Cathedral that dates from the year 805, as well as in the historic city centre.
Do you like shopping? The main shopping streets are close to the train station. Please note, that shops in Aachen are not open every Sunday – just four Sundays a year. And did you know that Aachen is the sunniest city in the North Rhine-Westphalia region?

Travel information

Aachen is the most western city in all of Germany. From Heerlen, you will be there in no time.

You can take the intercity to Heerlen and there you can take the local train to Aachen. The train departs every hour from Heerlen. You can also travel with Eurostar from Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam to Brussel Zuid/Midi and catch an ICE International or Eurostar service to Aachen.

And did you know that if you trael to Aachen by car, you will need to buy an emissions sticker? You will need to pay for this if you travel by train.

Overview travel time to Aachen

Route Travel time Transfers Header Header
Amsterdam - Aachen 2.59 1 Content Content
Amersfoort - Aachen 3.33 2 Content Content
Utrecht - Aachen 3.10 1 Content Content
Rotterdam - Aachen 3.29 2 Content Content
Arnhem - Aachen 3.22 1 Content Content

For a complete travel itinerary, consult our itinerary planner

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How can you travel?

  • You can travel to Aachen with your OV-chipkaart. You can check out at Aachen Station.
  • Do you have an NS subscription that gives you a 100% discount? Travel with your OV-chipkaart and you will also travel for free in Germany to Aachen.
  • You can also buy a ticket online and load it onto our NS International App. You will then be assured of up-to-date travel information while travelling. You can open gates at the station with the ticket in the app. You can also print your tickets and use that to open the gates.

Prices train tickets to Aachen

NS, Eurostar, Arriva, Abellio and ICE International all run to Aachen. If you travel with NS and Arriva, there are fixed prices and you will get discount with your NS subscription. If you travel with the other carriers, the price depends on the time of booking: the earlier you book, the lower the price.

1st class

The train from Heerlen to Aken v.v. has no 1st class. If you select a 1st class ticket in our booking module, you will only pay the 1st class fare for the journey to Heerlen. You will automatically pay a 2nd class fare for the Heerlen-Aaken route.

Practical information

To make your trip that much easier, we have summed up certain practical issues for you.

Itinerary planner and app

Please keep in mind that there could be delays or engineering works and check your trip with the itinerary planner. That way, you will never get an unpleasant surprise!
Download our app so that you will be kept informed during your trip of the possible changes.

Free access to the lounges

If you have a 1st class ticket, you can enjoy a free drink at the NS International Lounge in Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam.

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