Amersfoort - Berlin by train

Buying a ticket online is easy and without booking fees. And at the station, you can directly board the train. This way, you can travel comfortably between Amersfoort and Berlin, and reach the heart of the city after only changing trains once. You have 5.15 hours of travel time in which you can do what you want!

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Overview travel time to Berlin by train

Route Travel times Transfers Header Header
Amsterdam - Berlin 5.52 hours 0 Content Content
Schiphol - Berlin 6.46 hours 1 Content Content
Rotterdam - Berlin 6.16 hours 1 Content Content
Utrecht - Berlin 5.32 hours 1 Content Content
Eindhoven - Berlin 5.57 2 Content Content
Arnhem - Berlin 5.29 hours 1 Content Content
Groningen - Berlin 6.02 hours 2 Content Content
Amersfoort - Berlin 5.15 hours 0 Content Content

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* Prices are based on the lowest price from Amsterdam Central Station, one-way, 2nd class. Rates to London are based on a return trip. All rates are subject to availability and applicable fare conditions.