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Eurostar to Paris

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  • Travel time Amsterdam - Paris 3.18 hours with Eurostar
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Thalys is now Eurostar

The name 'Thalys' is no longer in use, all trains are now called 'Eurostar. You can now book Eurostar to Paris, Disney and Charles de Gaulle. And Sun-Thalys is nog called Eurostar Sun.
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Schedules for Eurostar to Paris

Eurostar runs from Amsterdam via Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam to Paris up to 300 km/h. Eurostar runs 10 times a day via HSL-Zuid to Paris. On the way, you can work and relax.

Eurostar to Paris

When you travel to Paris with Eurostar, you can choose between several boarding stations. See below for the duration of your journey for each station.

Travel times Eurostar to Paris

Route Travel times Transfers Header Header
Amsterdam - Paris 3.18 hours 0 Content Content
Utrecht - Paris 3.38 hours 1 Content Content
Eindhoven - Paris 3.51 hours 1 Content Content
The Hague - Paris 3.06 hours 1 Content Content
Breda - Paris 2.56 hours 1 Content Content
Schiphol - Paris 3.02 hours 0 Content Content
Rotterdam - Paris 2.37 hours 0 Content Content
Brussels - Paris 1.26 hours 0 Content Content

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Eurostar starting prices to Paris

departure station starting price
Amsterdam - Paris € 35
Schiphol - Paris € 35
Rotterdam - Paris € 35

*Listed starting prices are on a one-way, 2nd class basis. All fares are subject to availability and applicable fare conditions.

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