Thalys to become Eurostar

Eurostar: new name for Thalys as of October 2023

As of October, Eurostar's stylish new look will be visible, the result of the merger of Thalys and Eurostar. The newly formed Eurostar Group has grand ambitions. With a star as its new logo, the company wants to start a beautiful new era for high-speed trains in Europe. The aim is to continue offering an attractive alternative to road and air travel, and to encourage the shift to sustainable travel.

Eurostar Group connects five countries and aims to increase passenger numbers substantially over the next decade, from 19 million to 30 million passengers per year by 2030.

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What will change?

Thalys to Paris to become Eurostar to Paris

Name: It will take some getting used to. You will no longer travel to Paris with Thalys but with Eurostar. No longer to Disneyland® with Thalys but directly with Eurostar. Upcoming winter, Eurostar Snow will bring you to Bourg St. Maurice in the French Alps instead of Ski-Thalys. And next summer, Eurostar Sun will take you to Marseille and not Sun-Thalys.
Loyalty programme: Members of 'My Thalys World’ will become members of the new 'Club Eurostar'. Your points and benefits will remain the same.

What will remain the same?

Tickets: You can still book train tickets to Paris and London using the same procedure on our website. For the time being, fares and conditions will not change.
Trains: Thalys trains will remain red, but will have the new Eurostar logo.

The enjoyable travel experience you are accustomed to from Thalys will remain the same!