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Earn points with Club Eurostar

Do you regularly travel with Eurostar? Then become a member of Club Eurostar and start collecting points. You can exchange these points for various rewards, such as a free ticket.

How do you earn points?

When you book your trip, the first step is to indicate that you are a Club Eurostar member and enter your card number under Discount and loyalty cards.

A point per pound

You will receive one point for every British Pound you spend on a Eurostar ticket. The price of your ticket is, therefore, first automatically converted from euros to British Pounds. After you have made your journey, the points you have earned will be credited to your account. There are three Club Eurostar levels, each with certain benefits and rewards.

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You can exchange your points at Eurostar for various rewards, such as a free ticket.
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Become a member

To join Club Eurostar, you first need to create an account on the Eurostar website.

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