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Walking tours in Paris

Special city walks in Paris

Walking around Paris is a great way to discover the city. Want to try something different from the standard walking routes? Read our tips for different walks through the city.
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Customised city walk

What is your ideal walking route in Paris? Maybe you love architecture, are a real foodie or prefer to go on an adventure. Forget the standard city walks and book a local guide to take you on a customised walk. Locals are always happy to share their favourite tips. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a frequent visitor, you are sure to find new and exciting places to visit.

Our tips:

Exciting, interactive city walk

For those who like to experience an exciting side of Paris, a city tour in the form of an Escape Tour is the ultimate way to go.
In this city game you play a suspect in a murder case. Prove your innocence with various assignments and riddles. The game starts in the heart of Paris, at Notre-Dame, and the walking route takes you along the best parts of the city. Easy to play via a mobile app. This is in Dutch.
More about Escapetours

Strolling along the Seine

How romantic is it to discover Paris on foot together? Go for a more traditional walk along the Seine and start at Pont de la Concorde. Cross the Seine from the pretty square and marvel at the Assemblée Nationale, home to France's bicameral parliament.
Continue walking along the quay in an easterly direction and on the way you will pass, among others, Jardin des Tuileries and Musée d'Orsay. Continue along Quai Voltaire and cross the Seine via the Pont du Carrousel. Walk past the Louvre and cross the Seine again via Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris. Take a look at Square du Vert-Galant for a wonderful view over the Seine and end your walk at Pont Neuf.
Download the map with full description and all points of interest along the way.

Pont Neuf about the Seine

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Artistic walk

Like many big cities, Paris is richly decorated with street art. This makes walking in Paris even more interesting. The Belleville artists' quarter is the most famous street art district in Paris. Another recommendation is project Street Art 13 in Arrondissement 13.
The picturesque district of Montmartre is also worth a visit. For example, turn into a side street while walking up to the magnificent Basilica de Sacré-Cœur and be surprised by the work of many young street artists.
Would you like more background information on the works of art? Then book a guided walking tour. Learn all about the artists and how they were inspired by the historical art that Paris is so famous for. Book a guided tour at ParisTours or WithLocals.

Are you a fan of street art? Download the app with street art. Paris and many other cities are in the app. A map shows where and what street art can be seen. Highly recommended!

City walk for explorers

Did you know that there are many hidden treasures in Paris? These treasures, also known as 'caches', can be discovered via GPS coordinates in the adventurous game geocaching. Choose the length of the treasure hunt and the difficulty level of the assignments via the app. While you get to know Paris with assignments, questions and riddles, you walk closer to the treasure coordinate-by-coordinate. A city walk for young and older treasure hunters. Geochaching can be downloaded for free from the appstore.

These are the 3 best (free) caches in Paris:

  1. Discover the historic heart of Paris:
  2. Enjoy the beautiful park Jardin des Tuileries:
  3. Stroll through the Paris of composer Chopin.

Jardin des Tuileries

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Culinary walking tour

Macaroons, French cheese and street food - gastronomically speaking, Paris is a gem. Combine the best of both worlds and map out a city walk that takes you to tasty addresses. That way, you can get to know the city while pampering your taste buds.
One of the best neighbourhoods for this is the trendy Le Marais, with numerous bistros, brasseries and restaurants. In one of the many guided culinary walks offered in Paris, you will learn all about French eating habits and the history of French specialities. Bon appétit!
Go out on your own or book a guided tour at ParisTours or WithLocals.

Walking tours Paris

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