Pride 2023

We ride with pride!

Not only Amsterdam has been celebrating Pride for years with street parties and the boat parade. Berlin has also organized Pride since 1979 and the festival is one of the largest in Europe. Also in Antwerp, Vienna, Disneyland Paris and Prague are Pride weeks with many concerts, debates and (demonstration) parties.


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Brussels Pride

10 to 20 May

Brussels Pride Week runs from Wednesday, May 10 to Friday, May 19, at various locations in the capital. On Saturday, May 20, is the Pride Parade. This is a week to celebrate, demonstrate and stand up for your rights in the Belgian and European capital.

More about Brussels Pride

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Vienna Pride and Rainbow

1 to 18 June

The programme starts on 1 June with activities and exhibitions. On the weekend of 17 and 18 June, there are big parties and the parade. More than 250,000 people are expected!

More about Vienna Pride and Rainbow

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Disneyland Paris Pride

17 June

Celebrate diversity at Disneyland Paris on June 17, 2023. Friends, family and everyone from the LGBTQIA+ community will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Walt Disney Studios Park from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. on this evening, with attractions open all night, live performances, Disney Colourful Pride Parade and more.

Take a sneak peek of the festivities!

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Berlin Pride

28 June to 22 July

The Christopher Street Day (CSD) Berlin programme starts in June. There are street parties, film festivals, courses and workshops. The Pride ends on the weekend of 22 July with the big procession and concluding festivities.

Read the entire programme of Pride month

© visitBerlin, Foto: Dirk Mathesius

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London Pride

1 July

Celebrate diversity during Pride in London and support the LGBTQIA+ community through your presence. In addition to a host of concerts and parades, you can learn more about its history, culture and struggle for equal rights.

Read the programme of London Pride

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Amsterdam Pride

1 to 6 August

The festival starts on August 1. There are speeches and performances at the gay monument and the opening party is in the Vondelpark. All week, there are festivities. In the weekend of 5 and 6 August, there are street parties and the world-renowned boat parade.

Read the full programme of Amsterdam Pride

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Prague Pride

7 to 13 August

The Prague Pride festival is one of the biggest events in the Czech Republic and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. There are parties, sports activities, performances and the week ends with a parade. Afterwards, there is a great after-party!

Read the Prague Pride Festival programme

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Antwerp Pride

9 to 13 August

Antwerp Pride commemorates and celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community's long journey toward acceptance and equal opportunity. It is a journey that still continues, because acceptance is not yet a given.

Read the Antwerp Pride programme

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Main image: ©CSD Berlin, Photo: Nina Brune

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