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Brussels Airport - Zaventem

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Brussels Airport - Zaventem: Belgium's national airport

Brussels Airport - Zaventem better known as Brussels Zaventem or Brussels National Airport – is Belgium’s national airport and is located 12 kilometres from the Belgian capital. Many airlines use this passenger-friendly airport for departures to European and intercontinental destinations.

With Intercity Brussels to Brussels Airport - Zaventem

From Amsterdam you travel with Intercity Brussels for directly to Brussels Airport - Zaventem. Depending on the time of departure, the trip takes approximately 3 hours. Ticket prices start from € 32 for a one-way ticket. You can book a cheap Early Bird ticket up to 3 days before the travel date. The availability is limited.

With Eurostar to Brussels Airport - Zaventem

With Eurostar, you travel to Antwerp, where you can take a train to the station Brussels Airport - Zaventem. Eurostar departs times a day from Amsterdam, Schiphol and Rotterdam. The travel time is 2.04 hours.
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Entrance gates at Brussels Airport - Zaventem

To enter or leave station Brussels Airport - Zaventem travellers need to scan the barcode on their ticket at the entrance gates. Accompanied children under the age of 12 can pass through the gates free of charge with the help of the on-site assistance staff. There are specific gates for travelers with reduced mobility.

Brussels Airport Supplement

In 2012 a new railway line was built in Belgium. This new line provides a better connection to Brussels Airport - Zaventem from Antwerp and Liège. In order to realize this project, travellers with destination Brussels Airport - Zaventem pay a surcharge. With the Brussels Airport Supplement you can open the gates at Brussels Airport - Zaventem.

If you buy a ticket to Brussels Airport - Zaventem online, the price includes the Brussels Airport Supplement. You can also buy this ticket including surcharge at the NS International Tickets & Service office, NS ticketmachines or at the NS International Customer Service on 030 - 2300023. Finally, you have the option of purchasing the amount upon arrival at Brussels Airport - Zaventem at a vending machines on the platforms.

For example, if you are traveling with a subscription in Belgium and are going to Brussels Airport - Zaventem, a separate Brussels Airport Supplement is required. You can buy this at the NS International Tickets & Service offices at the larger train stations or the NS International Customer Service on 030 - 2300023 or on arrival at the relevant ticket machines on the platforms of Brussels Airport - Zaventem station.

Upon return

Worried that your flight may be delayed or that there's a long queue at the baggage claim area, after arriving at the airport? Then it's nice to have a flexible train ticket. With Intercity Brussels, you can travel all day long, and you're not tied to a fixed time. If you're travelling with Eurostar, the fare conditions vary. If you want to change or cancel your booking free of charge, travel with a Premium ticket.
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Please note!

  • The travel times and frequencies mentioned here apply during the day on working days and are subject to change. Consult our itinerary planner for more information.
  • We advise that you plan enough time to change trains and to check in, so that if there are delays you will not miss your flight.
  • Brussels Airport - Zaventem (BRU) and Brussels South Charleroi Airport are both called 'Brussels Airport' by some airlines. Your airline operator can tell you which airport you are flying from.

Brussels Zaventem Airport

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